I Have Issues

           UP DATE  on this blog first written back in 2010
yeah I have money issues , last week things were going on about my husbands

ssd well i had a panic atack so bad i had to call my doctor , see back in 2001 my life changed

i lefted a 20 year relationship and it was me supporting me and my daughter . wow talking about over whelming

i was working for minumage wadge , and going to shcool lord it was crazy i didnt know how to pay bills

i didnt make enough money to cover just living bills . i was having panic atacks so bad . and now whats going on

with ssd i just let it all out all that fear i feltd all the fear i didnt tell anyone about . i cant talk about all of it

but i have money issuess big time . iam very insucure about something happning to my husband and

i will be back in 2001 , full of fear of paying all the bills . 2011 things are better read my last coment .

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thanks for your coment

I read your update and this is a wonderful story!! Thank you so much for this!!!

update on this blog i wrote it2010 and now its 2011 so iam updating it . things are great.things are getting better my husband is helping me with learning to pay bills and everythings going better . see my ex of 20 years abused me with money he made sure we would get the lights,water ,gas turned off every other month becalse of his inmarturey of being a responcable person . i would have panic atacks becalse my ex would yell and me and hit me telling me it was my falt the lights got cut off becalse i didnt make enough money to pay all the bills he made $500.00 dollars a week building race car engins then he would make hallf of what the job was so no matter if racing secon was slow he would always $500.00 and my little barley $200.00 befor taxes was taken wasnt never enough . but this really dammaged me but iam doing better with my new husband he works with me on my panic atacks and hes getting me councling hes a good husband of 6 years . God I must tell you has really supplied my every bill and now today 2011 my every bill had gotten payed and my new house we bought it cash in 2008 , tell me gods great he really is!! i have everything ive ever wanted even things small things i didnt ask god for but he knew my heart and the little things like every flower i just love is in my yard i didnt know this till the first spring the hythins started comming up in the yard and tulips yellow ,peace bright red , ive got a lilack bush , 2 beatufil dogwood trees while and bright pink , and roses every where the little lady miss hobbys that owned the little house she loved flowers and when we bought our house i asked the family if i could leave the little HOBBS name on the front proch out of respect to her . the family was so moved . so sometimes god must humble us and he did me and now some may say Karla your house to to small . i just say its payed for and its perfect . i wouldnt change any thing but most of all i try to rember to give god such thanks for his blessing in my life .god is great .

I know how you feel as i have been there.God is a great provider and i pray HE will pay your bills.God Bless.

well its my insecurty the stuff ive been threw not knowing how<br />
to pay bills . its getting better donalds showing me how to mannage the money and bills

Why fear paying bills? You should fear not paying bills.