On Leaving A Difficult Situation

We've all been there.

We've been in a place (figuratively) where we know things aren't perfect. We're not always happy and it shows. We stay and try to work things out or at least change the way we think about things, but it just stays the same. And we stay.

I was in a job (can also be replaced with relationship) that just didn't make me happy. It wore me down. I got away from my values and the things I truly define myself by (happy, smiley, open, freely caring, a traveler. I cried because I wasn't sure I liked who I was anymore. I said everything was good because I had a job (boyfriend) but was it?

Obviously not.

So I looked at how to be happier and I kept going back to "take better care of yourself." I ran one day and during, I came to my ah-ha moment:

You are the most important person in your life. Without you, there is no YOU!
(I'm sure this had something to do with reading about why it's so important to put on your mask first before helping others on a plane)

So my list is:
1. ME! (And ME includes doing what makes me happy and lighthearted, which oft includes other people, always includes running and that Frozen Yogurt I have 3 times a week :-P dedicating myself to my sports, traveling....etc. etc. etc.)
2. My Loves (Family, Friends and all the people I truly care about)
3. People in General (I'm just like that. I have to care about others)
4. My Spirituality (Because it shapes all of the above...though being a good person is always incorporated in everything above as well)

Job doesn't even make the important cut.

Anyway, that's how I live and I am smiling more than I ever have before.
OhKo OhKo
22-25, F
2 Responses Jun 18, 2010

kudos! :) I think you have a very valid point there.

Good for you! :)