A Sad Truth

Most people wouldn't know the truth if it bit them in the bottom. They believe stuff based on their emotions, ignorance, prejudice, and desire to claim to know "the real truth" so they can stroke their own ego. The truth is often complicated and subtle, but most people want things black and white and easy to swallow. "This is the truth" is the most unreliable phrase around, after "I love you."
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Well aint that the truth!!
Oh wait...

How do you follow that? Oh, yes the truth! When somebody like myself post a story in this forum, I see no REASON to say or indicate that it is a true story unless it isn't. What I mean is IF your story is fantasy or made up, then say so. Many people will enjoy it anyway. . . . or not.<br />
I don't use E P for every facet of my life. I use it to convey my own sexual escapades and express my true feelings regarding others.<br />
There are times I just want to comment, "BULLSHIT!" Why don't I? I don't because several of my experiences have happened out of the blue AND I am not sure that I would believe them if I hadn't been there.<br />
Nobody knows anything more about us, here, than we care to divulge, so why write anything BUT the truth without saying so?

Wow! this could be a Pandora's box, hope I don't open it too wide! I was on a dating site ahile back, and in the process of reading the profiles of various perspectives, after a few weeks I noticed that about 95% (maybe more) of the women said, "looking for an honest man". I didn't believe one of them. What I believed they wanted was, a man who would say he loved them and mean it, a man who would say he had to work late that night and truly did or a man who would say, "there's no one but you" and mean it. <br />
I'm sorry, but that's a far cry from honesty, as a whole. Honesty reaches out to a much wider spectrum than just honesty in a relationship. Although to me, that is a touchstone of honesty. That is how I determined the honsety to which I would be dealt from my friends. If they lied to their wives or girlfriends, I certainly didn't expect the truth to me, in a given situation.<br />
Truth was taught to me, evidently, a little differently than many. I was taught the 3 ways of lying: 1) blatant untruth 2) lies of omission and 3) half truths.<br />
My own marriage was destroyed by the latter two. Everything I was 'told', <br />
had the truth in it. It was what I 'wasn't' told, that had the poison. The half truths were misleading, allowed me to assume something that didn't exist and even played on the insignificant parts that did. the lies of omission were simple truths that if told, would have certainly created an upheaval in her plans. I won't go into detail about my former marriage, but here is an example of how lies of omission and half truths can perform character assassination and do great damage. Before I became the manager of an apt. complex owned by a friend of mine, his mother-in-law was the manager at the time. A bitter woman on a good day. <br />
The way my job worked, as the maintenance man was that I was always working in an apartment, and rarely did anyone see me because of that.<br />
The only time that I saw 'Peggy' (the mngr) was when I took mt reports in to the office. Or if there was an emergency, she managed to have someone find me. So the day came, my friend 'Mike' asked her if I had been working out. her reply was, "I ain't seen 'em doin' nothin'". Well, there's no lie in any of that statement, except what she omitted, or didn't say. The truth was, she never saw me do anything because she was never in the vicinity where I worked. All she knew was when I told her an apt. was ready. Or I had repaired something for a tenant. My friend, having known me longer than her, didn't take that answer as complete and delved further into it, knowing that I wasn't a slacker. The end result was it bit her in the ***, BUT, under other circumstances, it may have gotten an honest man fired.<br />
Our world leaders (so-called) engage in these types of untruths daily. Especially during campaign time, and it is acceptable behavior, even to the public, obviously because we still vote them in!<br />
My wife at the time had bought a pair of shoes that in my opinion were the gaudiest damn shoes I had seen in my life! She came running in the house very excited and announced her purchase and said, "how do you like them?" Well, I have also been taught about something called 'brutal honesty' that is not a necessary part of honesty, but still, anything less, is technically not honest. Yet, not being compelled to hurt her feelings, I said, "well, they are certainly festive!" She knew me, and wasn't blind, so her excitement waned, and now I was sad as well as her. She didn't WANT the truth! Or any resemblance what-so-ever! Even as I write this, I still question the real virtue of truth. <br />
So ,ending this, I will make one statement of personal belief, and one appeal: If it isn't the truth, the whole truth in it's entirety, than it's a lie! But, I don't judge that, because if I had it to do over again... I would relish in the celebration of my wife's new shoes and would have shared in her joy, with her, and would have lied my *** off! That day... I did not stand up tall and walk away with my head held high for telling the truth. The truth cheated me that day, and little did I know that it would rear it's ugly ******' head another day and reach in my chest, tearing flesh and bone, ripping my heart out along with bits of my soul!<br />
Yet still... if asked, for some reason, I will still say that honesty is the best policy... but with it comes grave responsibility and sometimes... heavy consequences.<br />
My appeal to you is: Please, don't ask me, or anyone a question that you do not want to hear the answer to. If there is only one answer you want to hear, it's not even an honest question. It then becomes a trap.

Thank you, Shecret. Not a writer professionally, but I do like to write for fun.

nicely said sarah :) are you a writer? coz your words hit me with such depth and intensity, like an intro / prelude in a novel...

Not that being hit in the bottom is always a bad thing!

Not that being hit in the bottom is always a bad thing!

If you want an education about how much "truth" to believe, just be a girl or a woman. Boys and men promising you love, affection, companionship, acceptance, etc. when all they want to do is .... you get the message. Plus lots of my female friends lie all the time to guys about who they're seeing, whether they're using birth control, etc. Males and females add up to 100 percent of the population. And there's people who can't understand how many people have conflicting ideas and impulses about a lot of things.