Cell Phones Monitor Your Moves

If any agency wants to know your whereabouts or movements, they can. There is no doubt that the technology exists. We vaguely accept it, and go on with our lives. I am not afraid of anything, there is nothing to fear if you do nothing wrong, however, is it right that we can be seen and located and listened to by our 'convenvience' device, the cell phone?

I don't think it was ever a question as to whether the government could do such a thing, it was just a question of when. Well, it's now.

If you think you are having a private conversation with someone, think again. You could be being listened to.

How does that effect you? Probably not at all, if you are just a normal person going about your business and talking to friends. What about if you are discussing things about your business' plans, or an investment you made, or some other private business? Too bad, you could be being listened to.

Here's some information I found and reviewed about this, the term is 'celldar'. Sort of like radar, you can be located immediately by your cell phone's signal.


"Now, I am becoming more and more convinced that this is the REAL

reason why cellphone radiation levels are being pegged at such high

levels. I think "celldar" is what they've really had in mind all

along. We are talking about real-time surveillance of every single

person on the landscape, even inside buildings, and every vehicle that

moves. This is population monitoring and control at unimaginable

levels, but this is exactly what our governments have in mind (see

report below). They must really love the idea.

It's gone very quiet on the "celldar" front, but you can be sure that

it is already operating. The privacy angle may be one that actually

appeals to people who do not believe this radiation is bad for their

health. On the other hand, we can expect to see victories against

"terrorism" using this technology which will be used to justify this

electromagnetic terror."


"The technology 'sees' the shapes made when radio waves emitted by mobile phone masts meet an obstruction. Signals bounced back by immobile objects, such as walls or trees, are filtered out by the receiver. This allows anything moving, such as cars or people, to be tracked. Previously, radar needed massive fixed equipment to work and transmissions from mobile phone masts were thought too weak to be useful.

The system works wherever a mobile phone can pick up a signal. By using receivers attached to mobile phone masts, users of the new technology could focus in on areas hundreds of miles away and bring up a display showing any moving vehicles and people."


"The mobile telephone tracing technique was used to collect evidence that helped to convict Ian Huntley for the murders of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman in Soham, Cambridgeshire, in 2002.

Trails are created by silent transmissions sent out by every mobile phone even when not in use. Each signal is picked up by masts, which create a timed computer log of the handset’s movements. By measuring the strength of the signal, the location of the handset can often be narrowed to an area as small as a few square yards."

There is nothing to fear but fear itself, however, if you like your privacy, as a basic human right, do not think that you are not 'on the radar'.

Here's a link about a related topic,


"Roke Manor Research Ltd (Roke) is celebrating the completion of a major delivery into Roke's latest electronic surveillance project. The delivery of the Roke-designed and manufactured crossed-loop antennas on the customer's site represents a major milestone on this project to provide the Netherlands MOD with one of the most accurate signal direction finding (DF) capabilities available anywhere in the world."

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Then there was the "terror" leader who was "executed" with explosives in his cell phone...<br />
(This is true!)

There's more to the story than just tracking your movements. This is about modern warfare tactics as well. <br />
<br />
"Integrated Tactical Electronic Warfare System"<br />
<br />
"The Resolve system from Roke offers a modular, scalable and integrated capability for the intercept, geolocation and further exploit of tactical communications signals within the HF to SHF bands."<br />
<br />
There are no secrets anymore, only the secrets the 'watchers' keep from you. Stay informed, so you know what is going on in your world.