My Life Is Filled With Second Changes.

Here am I... forty years upon this road called life, and still making mistakes as I go along. Some of them are small hardly noticeable little human errors, some are major storms of life kind of calamities. Some are easy to get up and walk away from, some are easy to correct.

In the midst of my deepest hurt and hardest parts of my journey I have learned that life is filled with second chances, even thirds and forts and fifths.

So I keep my head up and my eyes open because i know that no matter how lost I feel, no matter how deep these wounds are, no matter how far I have strayed from my path, there will come a day, an opportunity a second chance to get up from my knees and walk the road of life with a little jive in my steps and a lot of faith in my leap.

Grieta Grieta
41-45, F
2 Responses Mar 6, 2011

Hey woman,.., the dark well maybe so, but then we can walk as one...:) or drive if either one of us gets a working mechanic,...LOL,, Love this post!

Thank you both for your comments.