I Know Hate Is Bad, But...

I just need to write my thoughts about this down somewhere. I just need to vent some. I'll explain the situation some slightly. It's gets a little complicated. I started EP a little naive and usually friended anyone on EP who commented on my stoires. Not the best idea. I added a certain person, and I'll just call him "C" (letter has no significance). We talked for awhile. C seemed sweet enough. I was new to the whole talking to strangers on the internet thing, not to add C was in his early twenties while myself I am only sixteen. So I wasn't too much in the beginning to talk to a older man, but I did anyway. After awhile I learned a few things about C that weren't particularly nice. I ignored it for awhile. Then it got worse. I started to ease myself away from C since I no longer wanted to speak with him. C followed by telling me anti-semitic things. Some of which were "filthy Jew" and "Jewish pig", after that I got angered, and basically told him he sounded like a moron making those kinds of insults. Then C also commented on how my mother deserved to die. I followed by saying I wanted nothing to do with him ever again, and I wanted him to never speak to me again. Then C threatened to hurt himself if I didn't say we were friends. It might sound harsh, but I told him to go to hell and blocked him. I don't like guilt tripping to make me do something I don't want to do.

So C is blocked, everything should be better now, right? Wrong. C was still highly obsessed over me, and continued to stalk my profile. Seeing that I was talking to other people I figure C just became jealous, and started spreading all sorts of lies about me, stupid things, in attempts to get back at me. For what? I haven't a clue. I tried to ignore it. I did, however, slightly keep a eye to see what exactly he was saying about me, and he acted like I was such a terrible person. I continued to ignore it. When C recently made a fake account posing to be girl who was his supposed friend I thought that was a little too much. Not to also add how stupid he was that he thought people wouldn't see it was the same exact person.

I thought it would fade, but it didn't. C's new fake profile began to harass me. I blocked again thinking this would really have to be the end of it all, but it still wasn't. I was messaged by someone telling me more information about C, and things he has been spreading about me. It did slightly upset me, but I didn't want to think too much of it. Things from there have gotten a little chaotic. To the point I think I may just delete my EP account all together, or at least just take a break. Let things boil down.

Now, to you C. You know who you are. I don't care if you read this. I won't even post your name. That's how little you matter. You insulted me enough. You think I'm pathetic? Me? Don't make me laugh. Let's compare ourselves shall we. You C are a 24 year old or so man, who still lives with his mommy, plays with dolls *ahem* I mean action figures and hot wheel cars. Can't even get himself a job. Now let's start with me, I am a 16 year old girl, who skipped two grades in school. Had a constant 4.0 GPA throughout highschool. Plans to go to Harvard Medical School in hopes to pursue my goal of becoming an anesthesiologist. So I ask you again C...which one of us is pathetic? It's most likely you.
C, you also claimed to be over me, but yet you constantly stalk my recent activity and stories...you're so obsessed with me, it's unhealthy. What kind of man stalks a young girl anyhow? I mean, you are a creep, so it makes sense, I suppose. My advice to you C. Please get some help, I think you really need it.

Well, now I feel a lot better after saying all of that.

Have a wonderful day,

~Willow B.
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This site is full of these people. For example, Thai person just said hi to me and demanded my Facebook account. I refused and he told me to "kill myself"

*** To The Deepest Hole

Happiness is a well-stocked block-list.<br />
I even block pre-emptively if I see someone gratuitiously harrassing ...why not?

that took a lot of courage willow. good job standing up for yourself =)

Ha, wasn't really courage, I just felt a bit bitchy and had to let off some steam x)

*hugs* well thats always a good thing to do lmao

Does this site have the ability to report members for harassment? If so, all 3 of you should report him and his other fake account. In the meantime, don't engage with him. No matter how much he angers you or spreads lies about you. And don't delete your account because of him. He'll win. Just ignore him