He Is Definitely the Right Man For the Job

The neo cons can complain all they want. What faces President Obama is mountainous. They want nothing more than to see him fail, which equals our country failing. Talk about unpatriotic!  They are screaming about the stimulus package and how much it costs. They are screaming about the rise in taxes. They are the party of borrow and spend, racking up the highest debt out country has ever had. What our President proposes is to raise taxes to pay for this package or a pay as you go system, if you will.  Pay and go, just like us little guys have to do.  Makes sense to  me!  The neo cons are the ones screaming about how people took out mortgages they couldn't afford and then defaulted on when is in essence what our government did for the past 8 years.

After eight years of mangled words and crude expression, how refreshing is it to see and hear a president who was quite the opposite. President Obama is inspiring, not insipid, direct and yet not threatening, forceful while still conveying gentle optimism and encouraging words of hope. Compared to what we had these past 8 years, it's like sunshine on a cloudy day.  His calm and coolness is awesome!

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4 Responses Feb 28, 2009

Thank you Applebomb! That is so fantastic coming from the beautiful Emerald Isle! I don't know if anyone saw the papers from around the world the day after the election. if not, check this out!<br />
http://obama2008.s3.amazonaws.com/headlines.html <br />
and<br />
http://obama2008.s3.amazonaws.cominternational_headlines.html<br />
<br />
NOTE: Those people who want us to fail are our flag wearing/waving patriots! You know, they have the yellow ribbon and a flag on their car and a pin on their lapel. False patriots! (except the veterans, of course)

hes calm and cool alright and a gret speaker also!

They hate that he's smart, articulate, confident and is going to fix some things the neo- cons did to destroy our country out of greed according to the Project for a New American Century.<br />
Oh and did I say he's an educated black man? He'll never do anything right because they can't continue their agenda of ruining our country

People complained how he is the worst president in the history of America, the day after the elections. I'm just wondering how did they deduct this, considering the fact that Bush stayed president for a few more weeks XD Seriously, somebody should start making internet licenses. If your IQ < 100, you can only browse **** and rasist forums XD.