It's nice to feel warm from thinking about someone. It's nicer to reciprocate that gift. Yes, our thoughts and feelings are ours only, but how great would it be if, every time someone felt good from thinking about you, he/she told you so – or sent you a note, or picked you flowers?

It's relatively easy to make people feel good about who they are. Not only does it not have to cost a thing, you automatically reap the benefits, too.

I think people get so caught up in feel bad and affronted, we tend to focus on what others have done “to” us lately and completely forget what others have done “for” us. Kinda sounds like a self-help tag line, I know, but clichés are so for a reason.
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1 Response Aug 20, 2014

I was talking with a young person the other day and encouraged them to make the most out of their situation by making a list of the things that they like and appreciate about the people in their life rather than spending their time talking about the way the people around them bring them down.

Learning to see the positive aspects of people and helping those people acknowledge that positivity can make amazing things out of a place where there was once resentment and discouragement.

I just remembered that I am a young person too. 😂 It sure would be nice if people showed each other a little bit more affection on a regular basis. I hope to spread positivity in my life by learning more about how different people react to different forms of affection and gratitude. I just have to start working on my shyness so I can put the concepts into practice in person!