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A Little Thank You

Before I leave on my jouney to drop off my nephew with my sister in-law, I just wanted to write a little thank you.

There are a few guys in my circle that have been really good friends to me through all this mess. They have been a support without putting judgement on me for my decisions. I thank you for that.

I have a tendency of isolating myself from people, because I don't share inner aspects of myself. I only share what is on the surface with people and am not an open book. Here recently, I have opened up privately with a few. It's been healing to be able to do so.

It's proof that there are some great guys out there. A few of those happen to be in my circle. I don't need to state user names, because you know who you are.

Thank you for your friendship.
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Nice to hear that some women don't think all men are jerks

Well, Im not a guy but just wanted to say that you are awesome, and I feel blessed to call you a friend..<br />
Have a wonderful and safe trip, sweets.<br />

I will be thinking of you all week. Let me know how things go as soon as you can.

I feel like Im crashing this post but so what?? lol!! This is sweet Affinityterra. Im glad there are people that can support you in your time of need. ((((hugs!!!!)))). Travel safe.

Words like this encourage support. Safe trip to you.


I wish you great luck on your trip. Two days in a bus with a unruly child could be very rough.<br />
My hopes and wishes are with you. Hoping for a uneventfull trip. Hugs

I hope you consider me as one of your good guys. Enjoy your trip. (((HUGS)))