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It's No Secret But It Can't Be Said Enough, 'We Appreciate You!'

It wasn't so long ago that we celebrated EP's 6 year anniversary. Whether you've been with us since the early days or recently discovered EP it's no secret that what makes EP such a supportive and positive space where you can be yourself, share and connect with others who understand what you're going through--are the people that make up this community.

How fortunate we are to have each and everyone of you, as a member!

Do you appreciate EP?  Did it help you get through a difficult time? Maybe it introduced you to  your best friend or significant other? Consider sending us a photo where you're holding a short note about EP.  Not comfortable sharing it on EP! No problem: You can email the image to

Can't wait to see your pictures :)
EPArsineh EPArsineh 26-30, F 260 Responses Nov 28, 2012

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I found this website y just looking fr a place to blog and share my life as a lesbian that lives below the Bible Belt where the judgement is high and the acceptance is low! I am very thankful for a place that I feel safe sharing my experiences and the fact that it's free to join makes it much easier! Thank you so much for this website!

Why are words cencored here****?? It is very confusing, and we are all adults here, why not allow the **** to be shown?

agree!!Please reply with authenticity, support, and respect

Thanks for letting me get to know people with the same interests as me

Thank you, EP. Thank you for being there when no one else, for providing an ear and advice. Even kind words and telling me you know how I feel. This has impacted my life so positively, I feel I'd be doubly suicidal without the support of the people of EP. I was finally given a chance to voice my opinions and have them listened to. Thank you!

Thank you EP for being here, for allowing me to find others out there who have gone through the same problems as me, for getting words of encouragement and letting me know I am not alone.. Words cannot express my gratitude Thank You Sooo Much :)


Congrats for this great achievement..
Be generous to answer the mails also.

I really truely believe that EP can change even the most complex difficult life out thier. there is no other place like EP where you can feel relaxed and unembarrassed to say what you like, dislike, share your experience with some one, gt help from someone who knows about what you need the help or. Not to give thumbs up to the wonderful stafff of EP who do a beyond thier means to help job. THANK YOU EP. I will be a member to the very end KARRIE

A few kids were giving me a hard time at school, so i looked up some sites to help and i found this one and i have realised that this is a very good site and it actually does help. theres people with similar problems, and we can all come together and connect, and share our stories.

Stuck in Iran with no family or friends I discovered my husband had been cheating on me. The isolation was killing me then I found E.P I've received cyber support from strangers who have helped me through the worst time of my life. I gained a lot of insight as to how we can all have life experiences that leave us with knowledge that can be invaluable to others going through similar times. I reached out and E.P was there for me.

You gave me a chance to speak truly on I have been given a wedgie without being embarrassed or picked on or anything THANK YOU

One night I was just very upset about my daughters boyfriend and i googled that i hated him and you guys came up . Wow was i shocked to see other people in my same boat. I felt right at home, immediately I joined and wrote a few other experiences. i have told things that i haven't told my husband and I feel that its fine cause here it is safe. I need to get a bit more involved i'm not still sure how to use the site but i'm working on it. Thank you EP for everything you have done for me by setting my mind free and clear to get it off my chest. I love this site don't ever go away. Thanks again!!!!

I enjoy this site because it gives me a voice also I can communicate with like minds doesnt matter how I feel because I can find someone dealing with the same issues. Thanks Guys!!!

Thank you EP! I really appreciate this site. I happened upon it during a very difficult time and found great comfort and like-minded people. I find new things here every day and am trying to post encouraging things for others as well.

Many awesome congrats EPArsineh!!!!
I have been with EP for 4 years now...cannot believe I have been here that long wow...this is such an incredible site..just love, being I have been here for so long...and yes so very true... i have connectewith so many people who can relate to me, and me to them, and so very helpful in things you express, questions, shre stories, Poeple here are Incredible!! this is a truley amazing site!! love how you can be just your self here as well, I do not pretend to be something I am not, just me, and it is great to be so free like that here!

we appreciate you EP!!!!!!

I stumbled on to this site because I was so lonely. It's so hard for me to find people like me. Some people in one of the EP groups I am in met for lunch one day in August of last year, and that was how I met my best friend. We are still best friends now and it is the best thing to happen to me in a long time. :)

I love this site since I found it a while ago, I usally check in on Saturday morning and write a question and check my writing skills cause I want to write a boof someday.I have so much to share with the world about my life I think alot of people would enjoy reading my expirences.I have so much to share . Be good jazzzzzman

EP has allowed me to communicate with quite a variety of people over the years, which has open dormant parts of ones Brain and thinking. In truth there is always some who is like minded and that many people are not alone. Thank EP and keep up the good work. Alan.

I'm thankful that I'm able to talk to fellow believers. All so I'm thankful to EP for the friendships i've made.

Never had any experiences where it was specific people on people, but found some real good freinds on the side lmao :)

i want to thank you for creating this site,it helped me to explain my my love for plastic to other people with my same interests

What a wonderful place to meet people with common interests! Thanks to the man who had the first idea for this site! :) I have friends that I will probably never meet in person, yet are closer to me than some people I know in person. Thank You :)

Honestly this site was a huge part of saving my life. It sounds dramatic, but in all seriousness I was ready to kick the chair out from under me and between an amazing group of women I met on here and God I survived. I still log in all the time just to see if I can help other people and I am in contact (off site) with some of the girls that I met on here. It is truly an amazing thing. I hope it is available forever.

I found EP on the New Year which was 3 months after my husband had suddenly died. I realized that night that I had not just lost him but the relationship with our friends and his family had forever been changed. One life moment had changed everything but at the same time I could help but feel that I had been so blessed to actually end a 21 year relationship knowing we were more in love then we did when we first met. While most relationship tend to simmer after the honey moon, our was quite the opposite. The week he did he sat in the grass to watch me garden. (And I still frowned when he went outside without a shirt covering his 64 year old chest.) I can still see the two of us glazing over at each other. Sometimes our eyes would meet and sometimes one would just look at the other work unoticed and feel such awe.
No one called me on New Years-no one invited me to a gathering. But even harder was that no one was cuddled up next to me on a folder out couch made in to a bed to watch the ball drop. To add to the vacant space was my dog had passed away just days before the Holiday.
So I got on the computer looking for his blog and somehow reached EP. Within minutes I found the "answer question" format and started answering every question until the clock struck midnight. I didn't know how many people I had spent New Years with until the next morning I found something like 190 responses in my email box. So, in a way I even spent New Years Day with EP.
Now, when I find the gap sliding in to the vacant part of my heart I return to EP..and answer questions.

thanks to your efforts and great ideas u end up helping alot of pple...whether we or you realise it or not!?
a big thank u to the EP group!!?

i love how people helped me when i needed it them the most. now i can do the same for others.

The ep has open my eyes in many ways..its a blessing to be able to come across many like myself is going through some of my issues..thank u ep...

EP has been an incredible place to meet some wonderful people and friends even though I just initially came on this site to write. I have very intelligent and talented people in my circle and very supportive friends as well. It has been a great outlet in SO many ways. This site has allowed me to take the focus off of myself and my own issues and realize how many others are either experiencing similar situations or in need of assistance or guidance or perhaps just in need of a friend. I love the Q&A section and how many times I have been challenged over something I didn't know and had to look up. I am very, very thankful for EP and the many people who will hopefully remain friends for life, and even the responses that are not always postive or in complaince with my own thinking, but nevertheless are helpful in seeing things from another perspective. Differences of opinions challenge the mind and it would be an awful thing if everyone were clones of one another. Thanks again for your continued support and a VERY Merry Christmas to everyone at EP.

Thank you for your post & request. The outstanding value of the E.P., site is simply that people, particularly from my groups, are often very shy at being out in public. I have always enjoyed my outgoing life style as a tranny, which has been my lot for forty years. I just want others to have the freedom that I enjoy, so I share it on here. I should have retired from work now, but my enjoyment of being a fully working tranny is tops.
Love & best wishes to you

I adore genuine effort to help people as much as possible. Keep on good work!