It's No Secret But It Can't Be Said Enough, 'We Appreciate You!'

It wasn't so long ago that we celebrated EP's 6 year anniversary. Whether you've been with us since the early days or recently discovered EP it's no secret that what makes EP such a supportive and positive space where you can be yourself, share and connect with others who understand what you're going through--are the people that make up this community.

How fortunate we are to have each and everyone of you, as a member!

Do you appreciate EP?  Did it help you get through a difficult time? Maybe it introduced you to  your best friend or significant other? Consider sending us a photo where you're holding a short note about EP.  Not comfortable sharing it on EP! No problem: You can email the image to

Can't wait to see your pictures :)
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232 Responses Nov 28, 2012

I found this website y just looking fr a place to blog and share my life as a lesbian that lives below the Bible Belt where the judgement is high and the acceptance is low! I am very thankful for a place that I feel safe sharing my experiences and the fact that it's free to join makes it much easier! Thank you so much for this website!

Why are words cencored here****?? It is very confusing, and we are all adults here, why not allow the **** to be shown?

agree!!Please reply with authenticity, support, and respect

Thanks for letting me get to know people with the same interests as me

Thank you, EP. Thank you for being there when no one else, for providing an ear and advice. Even kind words and telling me you know how I feel. This has impacted my life so positively, I feel I'd be doubly suicidal without the support of the people of EP. I was finally given a chance to voice my opinions and have them listened to. Thank you!

Thank you EP for being here, for allowing me to find others out there who have gone through the same problems as me, for getting words of encouragement and letting me know I am not alone.. Words cannot express my gratitude Thank You Sooo Much :)


I really truely believe that EP can change even the most complex difficult life out thier. there is no other place like EP where you can feel relaxed and unembarrassed to say what you like, dislike, share your experience with some one, gt help from someone who knows about what you need the help or. Not to give thumbs up to the wonderful stafff of EP who do a beyond thier means to help job. THANK YOU EP. I will be a member to the very end KARRIE

A few kids were giving me a hard time at school, so i looked up some sites to help and i found this one and i have realised that this is a very good site and it actually does help. theres people with similar problems, and we can all come together and connect, and share our stories.

Stuck in Iran with no family or friends I discovered my husband had been cheating on me. The isolation was killing me then I found E.P I've received cyber support from strangers who have helped me through the worst time of my life. I gained a lot of insight as to how we can all have life experiences that leave us with knowledge that can be invaluable to others going through similar times. I reached out and E.P was there for me.

You gave me a chance to speak truly on I have been given a wedgie without being embarrassed or picked on or anything THANK YOU

One night I was just very upset about my daughters boyfriend and i googled that i hated him and you guys came up . Wow was i shocked to see other people in my same boat. I felt right at home, immediately I joined and wrote a few other experiences. i have told things that i haven't told my husband and I feel that its fine cause here it is safe. I need to get a bit more involved i'm not still sure how to use the site but i'm working on it. Thank you EP for everything you have done for me by setting my mind free and clear to get it off my chest. I love this site don't ever go away. Thanks again!!!!

I enjoy this site because it gives me a voice also I can communicate with like minds doesnt matter how I feel because I can find someone dealing with the same issues. Thanks Guys!!!

Thank you EP! I really appreciate this site. I happened upon it during a very difficult time and found great comfort and like-minded people. I find new things here every day and am trying to post encouraging things for others as well.

I love this site since I found it a while ago, I usally check in on Saturday morning and write a question and check my writing skills cause I want to write a boof someday.I have so much to share with the world about my life I think alot of people would enjoy reading my expirences.I have so much to share . Be good jazzzzzman

EP has allowed me to communicate with quite a variety of people over the years, which has open dormant parts of ones Brain and thinking. In truth there is always some who is like minded and that many people are not alone. Thank EP and keep up the good work. Alan.

I'm thankful that I'm able to talk to fellow believers. All so I'm thankful to EP for the friendships i've made.

Never had any experiences where it was specific people on people, but found some real good freinds on the side lmao :)

i want to thank you for creating this site,it helped me to explain my my love for plastic to other people with my same interests

Honestly this site was a huge part of saving my life. It sounds dramatic, but in all seriousness I was ready to kick the chair out from under me and between an amazing group of women I met on here and God I survived. I still log in all the time just to see if I can help other people and I am in contact (off site) with some of the girls that I met on here. It is truly an amazing thing. I hope it is available forever.

I found EP on the New Year which was 3 months after my husband had suddenly died. I realized that night that I had not just lost him but the relationship with our friends and his family had forever been changed. One life moment had changed everything but at the same time I could help but feel that I had been so blessed to actually end a 21 year relationship knowing we were more in love then we did when we first met. While most relationship tend to simmer after the honey moon, our was quite the opposite. The week he did he sat in the grass to watch me garden. (And I still frowned when he went outside without a shirt covering his 64 year old chest.) I can still see the two of us glazing over at each other. Sometimes our eyes would meet and sometimes one would just look at the other work unoticed and feel such awe.
No one called me on New Years-no one invited me to a gathering. But even harder was that no one was cuddled up next to me on a folder out couch made in to a bed to watch the ball drop. To add to the vacant space was my dog had passed away just days before the Holiday.
So I got on the computer looking for his blog and somehow reached EP. Within minutes I found the "answer question" format and started answering every question until the clock struck midnight. I didn't know how many people I had spent New Years with until the next morning I found something like 190 responses in my email box. So, in a way I even spent New Years Day with EP.
Now, when I find the gap sliding in to the vacant part of my heart I return to EP..and answer questions.

thanks to your efforts and great ideas u end up helping alot of pple...whether we or you realise it or not!?
a big thank u to the EP group!!?

i love how people helped me when i needed it them the most. now i can do the same for others.

The ep has open my eyes in many ways..its a blessing to be able to come across many like myself is going through some of my issues..thank u ep...

EP has been an incredible place to meet some wonderful people and friends even though I just initially came on this site to write. I have very intelligent and talented people in my circle and very supportive friends as well. It has been a great outlet in SO many ways. This site has allowed me to take the focus off of myself and my own issues and realize how many others are either experiencing similar situations or in need of assistance or guidance or perhaps just in need of a friend. I love the Q&A section and how many times I have been challenged over something I didn't know and had to look up. I am very, very thankful for EP and the many people who will hopefully remain friends for life, and even the responses that are not always postive or in complaince with my own thinking, but nevertheless are helpful in seeing things from another perspective. Differences of opinions challenge the mind and it would be an awful thing if everyone were clones of one another. Thanks again for your continued support and a VERY Merry Christmas to everyone at EP.

I adore genuine effort to help people as much as possible. Keep on good work!

it helps to share and fells less lonely hear,

wow i say again wow there is a lot a can say about this project EP.I have no one to talk to or share my pain,sorrows,hurt,how i feel to day,my circumstances,thinking that i am alone,not be able to share what i have experienced in life,what i have and what i don't have but today through EP I can read stories,advice from other people.thank you EP

I don't disagree at all TJShoulShine. I have no doubt a better site will emerge. This one has run its course. It's all about the numbers. For EP and its token incentives activity is more important that the quality of the content. What a shame. It has such great potential but will you can't hear the music through the static of the crap content the token-seekers are posting.

I'm objecting to posting pics of myself. I've posted a profile for genuine help, but can't post pics incase of coworkers reading my profile. EP has helped me, and I've met some wonderful people. I can't thank EP enough!! Please understand my predicament; otherwise, I would post pics :)

tanx ep l realy apriciate yall

no way jowse, i won't go doing that anytime soon.

No thank you. When I am comfortable to email pictures of myself to random strangers I'll let you know.


I found my brother here.. so in that aspect i am grateful.. the down side to ep changing is how you send gifts now.. not everyone here can afford to buy tokens to be able to send there thoughtful gifts.. some things need to go back to what it was before the change

This EP community should protest the policy for awarding tokens for contributions, and also for charging for tokens to interact. For example, if you want to attach a photo to an email it costs six (6) tokens! That can be $1.00 - $1.20 if you bought the tokens. Or, you can post a bunch of crap nonsense, join groups indiscriminately, and can answer numerous questions without giving the question any thought, and guess what? You get tokens for free.

Of course, there are the bean-counters telling EP how much more $$MONEY$$ they make by charging for tokens. Screw the content issues, it's really all about the money isn't it? Don't they get enough revenue from advertisers? Advertisers are all over this site. If the content remained solid and valued wouldn't that attract more people spending more time on EP? Wouldn't EP then be able to charge even more for advertising? Of course. But, it's soooo easy to make more money fast by charging for tokens.

Guess what most people do here? Most EP members, especially those new to the site create a bunch of crap activity on EP so they can "earn" tokens for free. The unintended consequence of this unsagacious token policy is giving EP an expanding bog of crap content by token-seekers. It's getting harder and harder to find your areas of interest where you choose to interact without slopping through the bog of crap.

For now I guess EP is about it. But, certainly someone will do a better job in time. Posting crap content just to earn tokens is like earning an animal on Farmville. What's up with all the one sentence stories? Ya think it's EP members token hoarding? You've seen all the one-sentence poop stories here. There are hundreds, just do a search on the word "poop." Honestly, are there that many people really that interested in pooping?

If the EP token policy stays this site is finished. So, let's hope a new Zuckerberg mind is hard at work building a better EP that is token-free. Somemeone will build a better mousetrap. I'll definitely will let EVERYONE know when I find it.

I feel the same way about any cause that upon first glance one is led to believe the is out there for the benefit of the person hitting a rough patch. However Zuckerberg a terrible alternative. He is making his money off FB anf sadly we are paying 25% of our weekly revenue to unknowingly foot the bill for the cia to spy on us. This is all factual. They agency has pd off FB ANd now WE pay the nations debt. They rarely use their older programs for research because FB is such a thorough economic way of haveing access you ALL of your personal information. (IF you care to read it, there are many things legitamate, comprehensive papers you will find.
I just wasnt you to know that I am very fond of your idea and I do not want to sound rude. I have not used 1 token and I think that its is a bit insulting . What makes it extemely hard to stomach is the fact that you fp to this site to vent or in some kind of hope of feeling better tomorrow. My point really is NO to Zuckerberg and the other billionars in this world. Money has gotten into the hands of only a very small % and its those companies who have joined in the monopolization of all of America. So no Suckerberg, Tom from my space, maybe... lol

I do want to be sure to credit all of the founders and staff at experience. Despite the above comments having to do with a not so wonderful token plan, the space your team has assemblied is a safe haven for many people. I havent wrote much on here but I see see more viloent outburs on the comments of yahoo than I do here. I have seen people love, bond, and moan with sadness over troublesome times together, here on EP. Its a great place to connect with like minded people

My point was a more intelligent design will emerge and EP will be done. I'm no Zuckerberg fan, but he made the better mousetrap.

There will always be something that comes around offering a highlight or a perk that the competition fails to deliver. I do completely agree with you though, The whole incentive of tokens can really take away from fully being able to connect with someone. And its not so much an issue of spending money as it is an issue with what is appropriate or inappropriate for the circumstance. I think it's pretty lame because as you had mentioned, the way in which you can gain coins holds no real meaning or value. You can purchase them or gain them by posting comments, ets... So then you buy the coins that are also a reward and you give something to another? I really don't get it. For me it takes away the value of giving and recieving. Did you say you wanna petition to stop the coins? Every change starts from an opinionated voice. I'll sign. Oh and your right, Zuckerberg did make a better mousetrap. Here the monetary charges are obvious. On FB most people are oblivious that they are paying a fee. I love to see people standing up for what they believe. I hope you don't lose your voice.

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I really great site to learn from other people and help others in hard times in life.

This place has been great and has helped me get a lot off my chest and into the open... Nothing extremely significant has happened in my life this far because of this site, but I'm a noob and I look forward to more great experiences here on EP

EP has been a great site thus far!I have had quite a few laughs and have learned many things!I have also met some very good people and am glad to have found this site!I SALUTE YOU!As far as a picture is concerned,I have none to share at this time!Be rest assured that when one is produced,you will be the first to get one!Thank you so much for all the help you have given me in the beginning of my EP travels!I look forward to the future of EP!Even if we have some sort of event on the 21st of Dec!Let's make it a night to remember!CHEERS AND GOD BLESS YOU EP!

I have been on EP for over five years. Stumbling into the ILIASM forum was a lifeline for me. The people I met and received support from are some of the most amazing individuals I have known - and I have not met most of them IRL. EP is quite a unique place and certainly special to me. Thank you for creating this space.

I've been here for 4 years. ILIASM helped me save my life. The community of "greats" in ILIASM have more collective wisdom and compassion than any other I have ever known. I'm sure you do statistics and know who those people are...

Princess GratefulForEPAndILIASM

i love EP. it feels safe and warm, i can be myself here.

I appreciate the forum to speak my mind and not be criticized or ridiculed for my thoughts and beliefs. People have been respectful and polite even when they don't agree with what I have to say. What a refreshing thing in today's world of bias and prejudice and intolerance. Thanks EP - keep up the great work!

I joined EP about four years ago. EP has literally been a life saver for me. At the time of joining I was deeply depressed and suicidal over my Sexless Marriage. I could not BELIEVE it when I found ILIASM! Altho the lessons were hard and the way forward painful, I could never have done it without the support of my ILIASM compatriots.

And I met my current partbner here too. We connected through ILIASM and are now living happily together and approaching three years together!



This place gave me a sense of freedom I never knew I didn't have...but was starving for. The audience here is much more receptive and tolerant of what I have to say and it makes me feel like I can sit comfortably in who I am and the paths I let myself travel.

One day I was so sad and upset, and I didn't have anyone to talk to, so I googled (I need someone to talk to), so I found this group in your website, then I explored your website to find amazing groups and amazing things to do!! and I was so happy to find it, cause it helped me a lot, and I was also able to help other people, and I read a lot of nice experiences here, I hope you never shut down the website cause it's really helpful and fun also :)


This place is a godsend. Thank you all for your hard work and dedication.

I'm 17/Female/USA, I LOVE EP!! :) BEST website on the web for sharing ideas, experiences and stories! :) Thanks everyone for making this website! especially the staff who run it :) I love reading peoples posts and writing my own. My favorite part are the QUESTIONS I get to read. Thanks again EP! ^_^
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^-^ i am very thankful for this site... you just don't know how it helps people to be accepted even in a virtual world... may GOD bless you even more...

It has given me much. But the greatest thing it has given me is a way to help people without them rejecting me because of my age. I thank you EP, from me and on the behalf of the ones I've helped.

My name is....Jen Vice and this is the only place I can say that.

I was going to make a joke and say my name is ...and I am an Ep-oholic - but than I realized this is really the only place I can use my true name. Thanks Ep

I like this website because we can relieved about life secret or issues without be hurt.

It's feel awesome to be able to reveal your innermost secrets and problems without being judged. And it feels nice to talk to people who are going through the same thing.


Yes. I like to share my personal experiences, and I love helping out people who need warm support and a cheerful smile. People need to open their eyes and realize that if the world is going to be a better place, they need to be like a light candle in the darkness; a hope. Each and every one of us are kind of like children, we will never know it all, and we are still learning; from a newborn to an elder, we are still learning. Now, I thank the experience project for helping us achieve that goal. Our hearts have an unlimited supply of caring and love, it seems, so let's make the world a better place by sharing it, okay? :)

EP is one of the best sites ive ever experienced!! Thank You!!

Wow. You appreciate "each" AND "everyone" of us???!!! Isn't that redundant? Like giving tokens and CHARGING for tokens. Like it costs $1.00 or more to attach a pic to an email.

How about appreciating each one of us. Or, how about appreciating everyone of us. But, seriously appreciating "each" AND "everyone" of us is a literary puke of a phrase.

Tokens suck.

Believe it or not, but sending photos puts strain onto the servers -- because nobody donates. Tokens are a way to stop people abusing things like photo attachments, etc.

I think it helps people who are having a tough time dealing with certain aspects of their life.. It helps them know they are not alone someone else is out there with the same problem or worse.. It also invites you to talk to people about their experience and your own, which in turn helps you deal with the issues you are having at that time :)

I love EP!

its a fantastic site so many varied members and expereinces , i have enjoyed my time so much here . xxxx

I found this place when I was looking for an other place to stories, now I am hooked. Thank you for making it site, and it is fun to be able to write stories, and it is interesting to read other people's stories. Some are real, some or dreams, some are non-fiction, so many to pick from to read and post. Then you can post pictures too...that is delightful to see.

i love EP it gave me happiness the most unique and interesting to meet same people thanks for it,s team to give us great opportunity to meet people

I love EP better than YAHOO, SKIPE, FACEBOOK, or any other friendship website. Those groups are spending millions each you to get us to use the program, even for free, but lack openness to anyone and everyone in the country, like EP does.
I would love to see city location on each name for easy reference of where a person live. The stype of living, idealism, social attitudes are different in each state, between west coast, where people are more liberal, to East coast where people are more conservative and traditional.

Skype is a chat program.

i have few time on EP, but the fact of speak about your troubles is a great aid, and i do have find people who have pass trough the same situations i'm passing now.

Thanks EP congratulations

EP give me space to express what i feel about the day i have been through, and the feedback from EP members(circle or non-circle) is much appreciate. i love EP style where even though we are not a friends but we still can communicate by sharing same experience. and to know that im not alone to face that problem, is too much to ask for more...and, i can learn the various types of people behavior in EP....they are different with each other but still can respect the differences in it...

Thanks EP!!!

With Love,

I like EP more than facebook

After all of this "healing" that family, friends and doctors have tried over the last 5 years, (not that I don't appreciate the effort) ep and the friends I've made here have been the most therapeutic and uplifting source of recovery that I've found. I gave up on all time and discipline before joining. Now I write again and use the knowledge I've gained to help others. Wow! I really am still alive. :o) Thank you ep and all of my friends here!

EP is the next best thing to TICKLE, my refuge in time of storm
I grew so close to my Emode { Tickle friends and had my own following in a group there,
Friends who called me in the middle of the night , just because
Ive lost a couple friends and my heart still longs to hear the phone jingle late into the night..
NO this isnt Tickle but it helps ease the pain. Just wish people would reach out more like they did on Tickle.

like EP!

No pic, but it has really been an eye opening experience and a wonderful, unique, safe place to share my life and experiences as well as meet awful, interesting, and/or wonderful people. THANK YOU. (run on sentence, i know)


EP has been a very good place to let me get to now new friends and tell some of my stories as well it's very therapeutic. I think it gives me and I'm probably not the only one a place to share and perhaps even help others in a way only I can. I am not counselor but I have a lot of life stories to share and I am glad to share them especially if it helps another.

Adding to Mencrytoo's statement on the token deal, I think it would be really awesome if we got a token every time we read someone else's posts. It would encourage members to not only put more things up, but read and support other members. I know I have a habit of only posting and not reading, so if I got just one point for looking at someone else's work, I can not only support it- but I can also show my support by sending a gift or a gesture of gratitude. It would be a win-win!

EP has given me an insight on people who have shared the same experiences as me and who are like me, and it has helped me ask my many questions. Exchanging knowledge with other members have helped me immensely, and the freedom of speech is also great. THANK YOU EP! :)

I love ep it very cool i would love to send a picture but dnt want to ... Its not that but yah its just not gna work with me :) but what the hell i love ep :D

I check ep more often then any of my other social network accounts. Even though I haven't shared any of my life stories yet ( I plan to start soon ) I have found many inspirational stories from others. I have introduce several of my friends to the site because of how much I enjoy this site.
Thank you for giving me a place to feel at home and safe to share my life

I appreciate EP. It helped me understand I am not the only boy that wants to be a girl. I recently found out I am transgender, and this site is helping me get thru it. So thanks EP, I will be with you for a while.

EP in my opinion is better than Facebook, myspace, and twitter all put together! No joke I have an account on each and by far EP is the best social website of them all!

I appreciate EP. I've been a member for almost a year now I think. I like the exchange of knowledge here. I share my experiences which hopefully helps someone else, and vice versa. Found friends from all parts of the world too, which is fun. Very happy here overall. :)

yes, i appreciate EP. here is the place where i can be myself and tell my story. along the way, i was encouraged and was given a chance to encourage others too :) i am fortunate to chance upon this site. thank you, EP. love, jeanmarie.

EP has people who understand me and are like me for who I am and let me be my self I can talk to anyone here about anything like wearing diapers it a nice site thanks for being here.

EP's made me aware of the fact that there are so many people that can relate to my stories and experiences and I can relate to them too. When I first got on here, I felt like I was the only one in the world who felt like I did and EP changed that for me. So thank you :)

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO like a friend* Not "I like a friend I hate people now! lol lol whatever:P

lol I would send in a picture but I don't want to but I would so yeah I'm fine with that I love ep but not much because it's I don't think of it like that sorry but I like the way I think of this and I like it but like I like a friend not a partner so........ sorry but no I'm not sorry you should hear this lol

I have been on EP for a number of years now and most likely will continue coming here since it allows me a continued look into our ever changing world.. I find most of the comments here intriguing and some are even astounding and perplexing at times. but all are interesting. I seldom use face-book or twitter and communicate solely by e-mail with many friends and former business associates. My noticeable lack of dexterity at the keyboard precludes any online social intercourse.

I hope you all choke on the money you make for charging for tokens.

I have made contributions. I made friends here. I don't get tokens. People write 50 stories with two sentences so they get tokens. What a joke. It's counter productive to honest life experience sharing. Why should those that make this site have value to advertiser's have to pay to interact by buying tokens.

By the way, no disrespect intended, but did you want your profile pic to look like Charles Manson?

I cut and paste stories that apply only to the appropriate groups. Many groups have multiple headings for the same subject. They should be consolidated but I don't run this site.

I'm not frustrated at you, honestly. Again, no disrespect. Alright, maybe your profile pic is more Salvador Dali on crack.

This site it's a great option. I knew amazing people and found great stories which inspire me all the time. I'm grateful for that. Thank You :-)

I met my soulmate here on EP, she wasn't what I was searching for here, but she is what I found, I am so very thankful for EP, you guys have changed my life completely, thank you so much!