You Rock Ep! =)

I love EP. It helps me immensely when I feel very bad. When I have a very sad day, I go to EP and write how I feel. The site even saw me during my stay at school. My profile must be littered with "Oh no, I didn't study!" haha

EP allows us to be ourselves under the cloak of anonymity. It allows us to reach other people without judging them. It allows us to understand them.

Happy 6th Anniversary EP! May you keep on helping and connecting people!

lots of love,
mareliberum mareliberum
2 Responses Nov 28, 2012

it was between Monday or Tuesday when i cried for help ,asking a question about my boyfriend for not answering my calls after what we had shared,ignoring my messages,i was really hurt and in pain,i really did not know what to do,honestly within a second people responded beautifully ,i felt very strong,wanting to give up ,that is what i used to do,i was so quick to give up but i am so proud to those people who answered me,they made me to realize that i can do all things through Christ Who strengthen me and to stand up and wait patiently and fight for myself and also prove that who i am ,thank you EP for letting ourselves to share our experiences may God bless you,i was taught that you can not conquer what you can not confront ,you need to face your goliath everyday of your life,there will always be a giant in every challenge you are facing,then face it.we are winners THANK YOU GUYS


You all ROCK!!!

Keep Rocking!! So many need a safe, SAFE, kind place to help or be helped.

Umm, guess I better donate so money to keep the lights on eh??