Fox News: Republican Rhapsody!

FOXNEWS FOX NEWS: Republican Rhapsody

FOX News reaction to Obama winning 2012 re-election (run da trap!)
The moment Fox news anchors Megyn Kelly & Bret Baier realized Obama had won the election. Thier faces of disbelief, truly a priceless moment in tv history. =)
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2 Responses Nov 29, 2012

This made me smile, except for the fact that the haters, the congenitally cruel, still will not learn. And the republican congress put an antiscience global warming denier in the charimanship of the science and technology committee.

Perhaps I stupidly cling to the hope that we are a better nation than republicans want for us.

They live in a fantasy world. They as of this day are still in denial! This "Fiscal Cliff" thing coming up, do they get on board and solve it? No! They kind of remind me of a blocked intestine, they won't let anything past, to them its all s---, and the heck with the rest of the body (Us, the electorate). They'pull they whole thing down, they don't care. They really do stink and are full of it. what they are...very good analogy!