Was Splice Sci-fi Or What's In Our Future?

I really was blown away by the movie Splice.  To start off, I thought it was over some Bio-chemists trying to develop something for the good of the people.  Developing the cures for people that we don't have.  This movie started going into the moral, politics, and really just who is the monster?  Us or what was created by us?
I'm taken back by the emotions a father and mother would act like with a species they invented or did they really conform to actually thinking it was a human being to give all those nurturing behaviors we give our children.  What turned out to be a project became human to the inventors and terror to themselves as individuals.  They became the monster as well in certain circumstances with Dren, that was her name.  Soon she turns into the He Dren, and that takes on a whole new light and concepts of things.  I don't want to spoil the movie so I won't tell much more, but this is a definite must see and it will broaden your thoughts in many ways that when you leave the theater questions and questions will linger in your head.  Enjoy and think of what is next in our future and maybe what we should stay away from since we do have moral.  By the way Dren is Nerd spelled backwards.  Let me know what you think of this movie I am interested in  your thoughts and beliefs.
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All, well written sci-fi is in our future