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Wrote awhile back as a comment that I ended up posting in a double block of intimidating, long, and annoyingly unformatted text. So if it seems like I'm addressing someone, I was.

Sci-fi is probably the most optimistic of Genres, optimistic because we like to think the species will go on. I think we will, and given the variety of societies and dynamics our race has thrashed through already, it is only a matter of time before our current society transforms into something quite different…probably after a new revolutionary sci-fi(ish) technology or theory that will change everything.

I believe in ‘the market’ because capitalism gives us good solutions for those that can afford it…so I really hope that capitalism will get us into that new age through demand-and it seems to be happening. So yeah, definitely a look into the future, or even the pasts view of the future. I had a look for the book, rocket jockey, just a few tattered remains for sale on Amazon. The oldest Sc-Fi’s I’ve read have been from Project Guttenberg, like H.G.Wells war of the worlds, but I enjoy many modern Authors like Charles Stross…and I religiously get the ‘Analog’ sci fi mag. I am a try-hard sci-fi author myself, having recently finished the first draft of my first attempt at novel writing…my story is not really a version of the future, more a version of what the future might create…and the philosophy of what it means to live life…sounds flowery but ‘the simulation argument’ has been in my mind ever since I first heard about it years ago, if we can simulated people that believe they are people just as we are-how can we be sure we are not simulated ourselves? Which leads into questions of the value of a life and the value of experience.

I like space travel as well, and the overwhelming complexity of the universe and the rarity of life (from what we’ve seen so-far), I wonder about time and quantum theory…is the universe there when we don’t look at it? Can we visit a moment that has already passed? I might never know, but it’s nice to wonder. I wouldn’t go as far as saying we know nothing, we certainly know some things, and we are doing our best to learn the other things. The composition of planets and stars is, I think, educated guesswork based on the evidence we see and what we know about physics…and we do know a reasonable amount about physics…Quantum physics and a theory of everything need more work -but we are getting there.

We can only assume based on the evidence at hand, the only way to truly know what each and every planet is made from is by going there…and that is awhile off and for many of the floating rocks and gas giants it’s impossible. So for now we (I mean ‘we as species of thinkers) make educated guessed based on centuries of study, and that’s really all we can do. As for the Sci-Fi at home, on our little rock. Global warming is the media’s favourite scare story at the moment, plenty of truth…, although extremists are twisting the message into a doomsday report on how hopeless we are, which doesn’t help.

Global warming will not destroy the earth, at the worst it will wipe us out and set the stage for new life to flourish, I think like mammals flourished after dinosaurs, birds will flourish after mammals…and considering that birds are the new dinosaurs; the irony would be great. I’m not saying ignore global warming, it certainly is a threat to our species, although the noggie hasn’t quite hit my scalp yet…I’m yet to have global warming slap me in the face with solid proof…the figures are certainly there as is the logic…but no apocalypse right now. I’m a fool for saying this, of course, because the idea is to avoid it altogether rather then experience it. However other people are focussing on this as their life’s work and seem to have the whole things pretty much set in stone so I’ll leave it to them. I always throw my rubbish in bins, I use public transport, I have eco-bulbs. I don’t see what more I can do except fight for people to see that global warming is happening…but then I might start seeing evidence where there is none.

Like I said, happy to leave it for now, just doesn’t interest me except as a possible way that intelligent life might cause its own downfall. I think the only way to be environmentally efficient is to wipe out all cities, every city where the design centres around a business district and the need for transport, and start making some high density unit cities where you work near where you sleep and the city grows its own food…an even metabolism for the city, no waste out, no imports in…impossible? Not to humans, these cities should be built in third world countries where the lack of infrastructure means they can be easily integrated. So, wipe out American suburban copy-cats the world over, build new eco friendly cities in the undeveloped third world, we will be on the path to efficiency. Converting waste into something useful.

I know, logically, it’s a little underwhelming to realise how small and insignificant we are, but I place value on individual experience. We are here to live and experience, regardless of our own significance…I am significant simply because I am significant to myself. Thanks for the brain-gum, I’ve enjoyed the chew..

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Sci-Fish...undersea rages that create a great school; it is the most are right, brother. I like the ldeas inherent in the subject, and you know I used to not think we would survive our own destruction. I know the truth now. WE DO.