Seriously Hooked

 I've been listening to ESSENCE every day for a month now and I can't seem to get enough. My iTunes now contains every song she's ever released. What an incredible singer/ songwriter she is. I've been googling her lyrics. This gal is good. Seriously, seriously good.

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7 Responses Oct 28, 2008

Yes I have. Great stuff!

Now that's love. Have you heard the 2 duets with Elvis Costello? That guy's another favorite of mine.

Ah, I wrote the original post on October 28th of last year and here it is July of 2009 and I'm still listening to Lucinda every single day. WOW!

She is so good. I love her voice. She sounds weary and sexy.

I went hunting for a Lucinda Williams discography in the newsgroups and found one so now I'm as happy as a dead pig in the sunshine and my 2GB iPod is properly loaded and at the ready.

You've probably already seen it -- it is advertised in the side bar here -- she has a new record: "Little Honey".

I love when people love a musician as much as you love Lucinda Williams. (That's a lot of "loves"!!)<br />
<br />
Music can be so much more than just entertainment. And, I think it's special when you find an artist who fits right there into your heart and soul.