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Empathy...or Telepathy

Sooo....out of curiosity ...and in response to something Lou said...

I have been exploring the empathy thing with my dogs...I figure if Lou is right and its a part of the primitive brain function of should work right? all us dog lovers know that our pets can tell when we are agitated, etc. And likewise, we seem to know when they need out, food, squirrel chasing what have you. My initial difficulties were in trying to separate what visual info I got from what I felt...I mean, I know their manner when they want out....So I really wasnt sure if it was wishful thinking, imagination or what.

However...there are some noteworthy things, although I am not sure it is a result of empathy.....maybe more telepathy...Idk. I still dont really trust the feedback concerning emotion as I believe that animals familiar to me are probably not the best test subjects...given that they also process visual stimuli and react accordingly.

but, BUT.......

There does seem to be some sort of rudimentary communication that takes place ....without the aid of visual sense. .....When I get some sort of knack to deciphering pictographs I will pass it on.....But as far as them interpreting me.... all I can say is its creepy kind of cool!!
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Wow!<br />
I can feel that with my cats!<br />
I "talk" alot with my cats!<br />
I try to send them images in their head....<br />
The point is what you send or tell them must always be related to the now... Animals don't think much about past or future (they don't think much at all)<br />
<br />
I have a very funny cat that I have an extraordinary relation with... He tells me so many things in is own cat way...<br />
When I look at him sometimes I know that he's planning something tricky.<br />
He loves to play tricks..<br />
I put him outside and he looks at me and says... "come with me" with a gest of his head...<br />
He amazes me so much...!<br />
He climbs in the trees to make a show off when he knows everybody's looking....<br />
He's almost too smart to be a cat!