You Can Be That Brave Hero In Fairy Tales.

When you hear the word brave what comes to your mind? Is it someone who jumps in to a dangerous situation without hesitation, or is it different?

Like many things in life, there is more than one concept of bravery. After having a talk with a certain friend I have learnt some knowledge of their's I wish to share with you all.

One of the biggest actions of bravery comes from perhaps what many would not expect. When you are consumed with fear about something such as a phobia or knowing you are going to face a very scary situation. Making the first step towards it is the biggest step of bravery, that first step soon follows after another, then another until you have got through the situation and you have made the achievement in overcoming your fear and realising that is all it is, a fear and a psychological block.

There is also the concept of bravery where people watch another person go into a dangerous or life threatening situation and keep going and again reaching the end of the situation.This often causes people to look up or idolize others who feel within themselves they can never achieve the same thing.

To say you can not make amazing achievements in your life is actually only possible if you allow to become impossible. If you take that brave first step you will be amazed on how much you can achieve for yourself, and whether you may be aware of it or not. You may end up inspiring others to do the same or something similar for the betterment of their lives.

We all need brave people in this world, we all need you. Bravery has no age limit, no expectation, no group or club to join, no form to fill in to get it. It is in all of us. It is in you. You can be that brave hero in fairy tales with the fiery steed. Be brave.

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Apr 26, 2012