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    I hate it when people think that they are right. Its so anoying. I hate how hard that it is to show them that they are wronge. Becaues I don't want to fight with them at all. My dad always thinks that he is right. There is no point in arguing with  him. For I know that he will just win  the agument. Its such a pain all of the time. When I know that he is wrong. He just doesn't want  to hear  that he is wrong. My step sisters and her husband are the same way. They think that they now it all. When they don't at all.  I know so many people that are like that. I  hate to be around them all of the time. My sister and her husbamd are also the same way. They seem to think that they now everything. All teenagers are like that. I never was like that at all.
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Many people are so sure of themselves they don't really listen to something that contradicts the view point. Some people actually get down right hostile if you disagree with them. Best to shut up and don't deal with it.

This is arrogance. The bible speaks of the meek inheriting the Earth. The meek are those who are willing to accept that they could be wrong, and listen to the evidence. The wise want to know if they are wrong. These are the people who are truly blessed. And yes they are very rare. I am blessed with a wise and meek wife. Her meekness is a blessing to both of us.

To me arguing is pointless. Rather have a reasonable discussion and if necessary agree to differ.

i agree. i have this relationship with my mom. i don't argue with her. i just let her think what she wants because arguing is pointless.