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But I Really Am Right Almost 100% Of The Time.

The truth is self evident, if I am truly wrong I will take correction, but I am very very seldom wrong. I have lived through too much to be as naive as most people are and if that makes my disposition seem arrogant or superior, well, I am not going to deny what I know because it doesn't suit those who choose to take less effort at comprehending reality. Get on the reality train and off the delusion coaster.

I think I should also add, I know I am far from perfect in so very many ways, but I know what I know and it's all available for anyone to know if they seek it. 
Wolfbilly Wolfbilly 36-40, M 20 Responses Aug 29, 2010

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Wow are you related to einstein?

Only if you go back as far as Noah. Relating wisdom and intelligence to Einstein is like calling every martial art 'karate', it is something someone does when they don't know what they are talking about or are intentionally mocking. Einstein was very intelligent, and he was often correct, but not always and he lacked wisdom in some major areas. So even if I was Einstein himself, that alone would not account for being right most of the time. It is really not hard to be right most of the time, you just stick to what you truly know and tell the truth. People get their underwear in a wad when other people make claims such as I have but it wouldn't be that way if people would stop trying to push agenda motivated ideas to try to make reality seem 'subjective' and just pay attention to simple self evident realities like their great great grandparents did. I lack the memory (and interest) to hold long mathematical equations in my ram long enough to consider their implications, so on that level Einstein left me in the dust, but on more practical matters I see the forest where Einstein would be examining the foliage and hypothesizing a forest which may or may not match up to the reality of the actual woods. The bottom line is that a lot of people are bitching because I said that I am right almost all the time, whats the beef kids? Show me where I am wrong. I wrote lots of stuff here on EP, you all are so busy trying to take me down a notch, you forgot to check if I should be brought down.

wow sorry i woke you up,smart people are great as long as they're not full of themselves

i've worked with lots of people who talk like they've gone to harvard but most are rarely as intelligent as the way they speak,your probably a lot smarter than most of them but arrogance is such an undesirable quality i'd rather hang with a less intelligent person who's less boastfull any day of the week.i'm sure you'll find plenty of friends on here its full of no it alls

Its not boastfulness, it is honesty, people are just taught these days that self depreciation is a social courtesy and I do not agree. I am not going around talking like Mohammed Ali did, which was over the top bragadocio, if I did people would probably love me, and I don't go around talking like some pathetic manipulative Woody Allen type constantly putting myself down and fishing for complements. I just tell it like it is and in todays world that is taboo. You think I am arrogant, most Americans think so too, they have been taught to think that way. If I say, I can lift a washing machine over my head i am 'arrogant' but if a teenage girl who is barely even self aware comes up and says "I can do anything you can do, only better' she is given a pat on the head, I call bovine feces. You all want to live in a dishonest world, fine, but I wont. Toodles And btw, I never claimed to "no it all" but I darn sure know what I know.

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Actually, I am just calling a spade a spade. Honesty is not popular these days.

i actually love honesty,i always tell it like it is but i temper it with some sensitivity mixed in as not to be a total ***

So I am a 'total ***'. Well I am tired of ******* around with people whose mental weakness is self inflicted. You have a great day.

I am sorry if i was insulting,calling people names is not the kind of person i am.My biggest problem is your coming across to me as putting people down if they may not be as educated as you.Being sensitive is not a weakness,people are allowed to be offended when others are arrogant.i appreciate intelligent people,lord knows the world would still be less evolved without intellects but being smart is no reason to be boastful,its not a weakness for others to be put off by can be intelligent without making it come across like your superior.Someone's Intelligence or lack of does not make one weak or strong,there are many things which go into making a well rounded person.i wouldn't expect you to agree with me on anything,i'd probably faint if you goal wasn't to insult you,only tell you how you came across to me,which i'm sure you could care less about it seems to me.

I dont recall ever saying I was 'educated' I make it publicly known that I dropped out after 6th grade but I still know what I know and if I ever 'put someone down' for not knowing what I know it is generally because that person is claiming to understand the topic and to be presenting the truth while they are clearly showing a willful ignorance tot he facts and speaking from an emotional agenda based position. I don't fault a person for actually not knowing something, I fault people for ignoring facts in favor of promoting their personal vices. People are 'allowed' to do all kinds of things but if a person addresses me I am 'allowed' to set them straight. As far as 'boastfulness' it seems you didnt understand what I wrote earlier, presenting the truth in a poignant way is not boasting, I am not seeking to glorify myself I just want people to wake up and realize that just because a person doesnt walk around being falsely humble while secretly believing themselves to be a sage, it doesn't make them bad, it just makes them a straight shooter and the kind of person who I respect. You mentioned superiority, yes, some people are superior, and intelligence or lack thereof do directly equate to an individuals strength, those are facts of life, people need to deal with it, but I know I am not at the top, just somewhere in the upper middle. Just a straight shooter in the middle. i do care about how people feel about me but I am not changing for every small minded opinion I come across, I am a person who is confident and stable in what I know, everyone needs to get over it.

No thanks, they can love me or leave me.

I heard you and the others, but since you were incorrect I disregarded your advice. I do not need 'life lessons' from people who know far less about the subject kiddo.

In truth I've got a pretty good idea, squirt. You have average intellect for a white western female, average western pop brainwashing for your age and gender group, "wisdom" gleaned from the artificial 'experience' of having seen a lot of tv and or movies and or having read a lot of novels/media crap, an average amount of actual experience, a bold (due to being sheltered, protected and inexperienced) mouth and not a thing to instruct me on that is of any value to either of us.


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This guy is psycho. If you actually take anything he says seriously, I dont know what to say. He is so full of crap

Too right, Ratburn

So nothing I say really true or important? And that is logic? But you are taking what I say oh so seriously in spite of the rhetoric with which you so eagerly agree.

See, I don't mind that you disagree with me and differ in opinion, that's fine. It's that you're a lying, egotistical, self-righteous, bigoted jackass. THAT gets me.

Lying? What have I lied about?

Ignore him. The only way to cure a narcissists is with medical treatment

Avoidance, what is that a sign of?

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Well at least you were right about how I spelled naive. I don't care much about little typos and grammar especially when I am riding the red eye express and just want to get my point across as a form of amusement and community service, but I wasn't too tired to bother today so I went ahead and fixed it.<br />
<br />
I wish I could convince you to look a little harder concerning the factuality and importance of GOD but I know that nothing I say can motivated you to do so, it will take a miracle to get people like yourself to do that, I hope you get that miracle in time to help you.

WoodsmanKayl... you are a total tool.<br />
<br />
You actually had me in fits of laughter reading your post. At first I thought it was a joke, but it became increasingly apparent that you do actually have your head stuck so far up your ***, you have managed to create some form of one-man human centipede.<br />
<br />
You clearly hold yourself as some sort of demigod/ gift from god to humanity...but I think you really need to take a look at yourself and realize what a total *** you are making of yourself here.<br />
<br />
You say you don't care about grammar as long as people can understand you...what you actually mean by this is "I don't give a **** about things that I can't be bothered with". So you only consider things that you are good at worthwhile ventures.<br />
<br />
To be honest I did have problems understanding your post, I think you need to go back to school and learn some basics...Naive is not the only word that you misspelled in that post.<br />
<br />
One thing I guarantee you are not right about is the presence of a "GOD", I guess dying for you is going to really suck because you are going to deal with being wrong for the rest of eternity.<br />
<br />
Eat a footlong sandwich filled with penis and ball meat.<br />
<br />
And please, please, please remember all throughout eternity as you sit there (not in heaven) that I WAS RIGHT AND YOU WERE WRONG.<br />
<br />
And don't call me on my grammar either...I REGULARLY admit to being wrong (I call it learning).<br />
<br />

You should read the **** he has to say about male supremacy. I have screenshots if you feel like a giggle.

@johnmcaulay, you are irrational, the only way to communicate to people like you is through force or manipulation. You have a nice day.

I always feel like a giggle, please send them through to me : john at thegreenroom/org/nz.

I'm not always right , nor always wrong. Yes , I make mistakes. (:

That tends to be my policy as well, being right is more important than seeming right. I don't want an image I want to promote truth. Be well.

I could say that I am right at least 98% of the time but I do make mistakes on occasion. I even admit it, imagine that. XD<br />
<br />
This is because if I don't know or if I am unsure I will admit it and not try to bullshit my way through it and make people think I know what I am talking about. Therefore reserving my mistakes to actual mistakes.

Sounds like a good policy. you said basically what I said in a nutshell but look how they hate me. They hate me not because of what I said, these people lack the cognition to see past 'how' something is said to get to 'what' is actually said. I am not willing to play the game they want me to play so they exclude dismiss themselves from the class and thus, by their own will, they are beneath rational discussion.

Take care.

By adding my 2 cents here it automatically added me to this group. I did not want to be a member.

hmm, so what you're saying is that YOU'RE the individual that believes they're always correct.<br />
By being a member of this group, you're feeling a little self contempt, no?

oh yeah you totally missed the point

I didn't miss the point, Tulick--you did. Define irony. I was being a smart ***. Just gently poking a little fun at a dude who seems to take himself entirely too seriously. This is only the damn internet--no need to be so morose.

totally missed the point ticia

Wow ticia, you really nailed me. I make it known that I do not care much about grammar as long as I can adequately express myself, but I guess you didn't get the memo. Way to put the Wolfman in his place, your so "equal' now.

There is at least one thing you're wrong about: the way the word naïve is spelled. <br />
Just a fact. Thought you should know. Ah, sweet irony.

All I can say to that is WOW

well i don't think emotions should be discounted too much but i am so sick of people who like i said are supposed to be smarter than me by age or prerfession being just plain wrong about facts and proceedures not even taking into acount morality

When your right your right, people have been taught to resent and envy people who are sure of themselves, especially when they represent the tough moral path, but I admit that being self assured does not make one right, but what makes it worse is people have been taught that the truth is subjective and emotions and popularity not only determine the "truth" but are far more important than the truth.For the record, by superior, I mean wiser, more discerning and physically heartier than most. I cannot say I am worth more than others to GOD, except the damned blasphemers, I am better than them. My love, principles and boldness contribute to the overall welfare of the humanity around me and in the times of crisis, people like myself (who are down to earth and practical while remaining reverent and seeing past the purely physical concerns) help the species to survive through crucial periods. People who have the boldness to tell the truth when it is unpopular are the conscience and memory of the species.Anybody want to be morally superior to the wolfman? All you have to do is love GOD, seek truth and choose to do what is right even at the expense of your own convenience and pleasure. Someone who does those things consistently is easily my equal and probably my better.<br />
<br />
Actually I am wishing for a truly moral person in my life, someone whose dedication to purity can be a good influence on me, someone whose honor is true enough that I can follow and trust them. If anyone, of any sex has better morality I have no problem following their example, I definitely need to be a better person.

tell me about it i'm so sock of people older than me supposed to be smarter than me be that by age or perfession trying to tell me the sky is green

superior tough *****...interesting.