You Can't Always Be Right..obviously

I don't mind people who think they're always right and are actually right. But, I find that people who think they think that they know it all and think that they're always right...annoy the hell outta me. Honestly, I'm sure you don't know everything and you are not always right. If you do, that's great but I highly doubt it. It would require so much knowledge, which I'm sure is technically impossible because there's no one in this world that knows everything. You may be really knowledgeable, but not a know-it-all.

Especially those who think they're superior above everyone else, condescending and thinking that everything they do is the right. If you somehow find a flaw and remind them that their logic is flawed and they should change or adjust it, they simply glare at you and say "whatever" because they have no decent come-backs and don't want to look bad. Those are one of the worst kind. They're not willing to adapt and change the way they think, which makes everything so much more complicated. They get pissy and mad at you, and then ignores you for the rest of the day. What a sad thing to do. If they would only just accept that they're wrong or willing to adapt their beliefs, then maybe they would be so much more successful in the end, you know? But no. They blow you off and walk away to save face.

Haha, as a matter-of-fact, I have friends who're like that and my parents are usually like that. Except, my dad is actually always right whereas my mom thinks she's right but she's pretty...wrong and unwilling to take in advice from my dad. I'm not surprised they fight often. Anyways, I can't always choose my friends. They have good and bad traits, but they're still good majority of the time....I don't have to like their bad attributes, but if they're nice to me..well, it's fine. Except, they can aggravate me and infuriate me to the point that I want to get into a huge argument to get some sense into them. Damn, these type of people are annoying.

It's all cool if you think you're always right and you can back up what you do with facts and show me that what you're saying is legit. However, if you can't back something up when I disagree with what you're saying and you think you're right, then damn you're annoying. I would most likely win and all that you will do is say "whatever" and do that whatever lame move you have because you're wrong. Grow up. Try to see from their perspective and know that you can be wrong too...
Obsidiann Obsidiann
1 Response May 17, 2012