I Don't Mean Ep

I mean EARTH. I don't feel like I belong here. I am appalled by so many things....this is where I get the notion that I come from a planet far far away where thinsg are very different. No wars, no abrasive emotions...I don't know why I'm here. All I can do is observe and try to help, and not let my humanly emotions get too out of control!  Yes. I am a defective model.

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6 Responses Feb 23, 2010

i wish i was on a planet like that.i feel the same way you do alot of the time.<br />
best wishes<br />
hope you have had a good day<br />

I've always been outside looking in. Not fitting in, standing aside and viewing the world and people around me. Like watching a movie at times. I'm the audience, not the actors. I think that might be normal. Unfortunately, I think when this show is over, the screen goes dark and that is that.<br />
But I don't worry about it anymore.

you perfect to me! hugs you!

I don't feel alien, but I do feel like I don't quite belong. Never have. My mother thinks it's because she fell while she was pregnant with me.Her question to me was "you do realize you are different?" my answer? "yes, but I don't worry about it anymore"

I think as we get older,we really dont like what we see and what we have seen.This planet is full of negativity,and i really feel there must be more than this.

Ive think your just a genuinely good person, who has a heart thats in the right place and understand's and doesnt forget the reason why were all here ! x