Its Time To Start Living The Life You'Ve Only Imagined.

Today is January 28th, 2013. Two days ago i recently just moved into new home. Im a lot happier here. If you read some of my old stories you can see a tiny bit of what has happened, just a tiny bit. I don't really feel like writing to much. Just wanted to say if you are ever truly unhappy and you have talked to many people about it for years and they all tell you the same thing. Maybe its time to make a change. I made the best decision of my life and now i just need to fix everything ive really messed up before. Basically ive lived in a place were my family shut me away from feeling everything i felt and definitely made me into somebody i wasn't. I have different phases. I can be this really mean untrustworthy lying person. but on the inside im so much better. real down to earth and sweet and really nice and sensitive just a real good guy. im 18 now and im a lot better. I just want people to know who read this is simply if you arent being really treated right it makes a real big difference. if you really arent happy like you just straight up feeldepressed for years that isnt okay make a difference. i Promise you this was the best decision ive ever made. sorry for not being to descriptive. i just dont feel like typing anymore. its not like anybody actually reads this dumb ****.
NeuroticLeaf41 NeuroticLeaf41
18-21, M
Jan 28, 2013