I will probably get a hell of a lot of negativity for this! But I'm so confused as to what to do!
Me and my partner split up because we just weren't getting on it was such a volatile relationship and I slept with someone else I fell for the your amazing your this your that! But it made me realise I didn't want to throw 8 years away! So I told my ex I wanted to get back together! I didn't tell him about this other person but he found out! Now where not together but everything's asif we are and he still lives with me we do everything as you would if you were together but he says he daren't say we are a couple again because he can't stand me hurting him again! Which I understand! But my heads allover the place it's been four months now! & it's just hard because one minute he loves me the next he hates me and it feels like mental torture! He says jump I say how high! I tell him my every move don't see friends practically live to what he wants me to do! I just need some advice on what I'm supposed to do!
Thanks and sorry if this is a little vague :)
Maggy91 Maggy91
26-30, F
Aug 19, 2014