I was in the US Army for 17 months before a knee injury took me out. I worked in air defense, but that's not really important. I was discharged back in June. During my brief time with the military, I learned a great deal about operating as part of a team and placing the objective above all else. Now I'm in college and I work in a restaurant. And I hate just about all of my coworkers.

They don't get it. They're all just looking out for themselves. They walk around like they're entitled to something, like life is just so hard. I had one of my coworkers today say to me "Hey I need some help clearing this table, I can't do this myself."Which I thought was weird, because I do it by myself every damn shift. If I call for help, not a damn one of them comes running. If they call for help, I'm an ******* if I don't show up.

It wasn't like that in the military. Nobody was getting in anyone else's business and trying to make problems. There wasn't a drama problem.

The civilians I work with have no independence. They have no sense of pride or self-control. They act like children. They lack discipline and they do what they want. They ***** and moan when they don't have anything to do, then they ***** and moan when they get something to do. They don't know how to be a part of a team.

I don't even know why I posted this. I guess I just wanted to vent.
Clicint Clicint
22-25, M
Aug 16, 2014