The *****

I hate her like a fat kid loves cake. I know I have more potential, heart, charisma and ambition than she ever will. She lingers around with her unappealing friends who are sad excuses for human beings. But that is all she will ever have and all she will ever be. She thinks I have no goals in life or desire to change. What the **** does she know? She is nothing. I wont forget how she acted tonight or what she said. She knows how to use words well. They crawl beneath your skin and take a hold of the isolated, ravening and desolated part you that is often unreachable.Strictly blunt and raw, intentional and spiteful. I'm tired of her face, her words, her smoke and her curls. She's draining me and I keep dripping.Drop by drop eventually accumulates into ounce by ounce. Then she stores me away in some cheap plastic bottle and shoves it under bed with the rest. But I'm beggining to slowly leak and it's never felt better.

Lonneke Lonneke
22-25, F
2 Responses Apr 3, 2007

Mindfighter is right. Let it go because she will feed on that anger from you and keep right on. If you act like it doesn't bother you then eventually you will come out the winner!!

It is tough, but you have to try and not let others get to you. You can't let someone you don't care about take over your life for what they said or done. You have to be better than that because I am sure many people will try and make you feel the same way.