I Wish She Would Leave Me Alone

I understand that it is a mother's duty to teach their child right from wrong, but my entire life my mother has ridicules every single thing I've ever done or said. Everything I do is wrong to her, and she very openly voices her frustration with me. One of the things she says to me very often is "I wish you could just think for once." Hearing her say this makes me feel very bad about myself, and, along with many other things (most of which involve my mother) have caused me great mental and emotional trauma. I needed to go to therapy for a long time, and had a big problem when my English Language teacher found the scars on my wrists. To all of this, my mother's reply was: "She's just doing it to get attention." I try very hard to do well in my life: I am a straight A student, I never get in trouble, I always consider the consequences before I act, and I work very hard to not only set goals for myself, but also to achieve them. But my mother sees none of this. All she cares about is that I forgot to put away the dishes two weeks ago. Or that a candy bar I ate had way too many calories in it. The list of her discriminations towards me is too long for me to type out in this. I'm tired of dealing with her, and desperately wish that she would just leave me alone!!!
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1 Response Apr 4, 2012

Eleanor Roosevelt once said “Nobody can make feel inferior without your consent.” Don't allow yourself to sink to their level. Wicked people want to drag good people down to their level, or lower, so they can corrupt or trample on your spirit to make themselves feel good and superior. Prove them wrong but do so without becoming proud or indifferent to them. Silence and humility answers back more loudly and nobly than insults and curses.