She Makes Me Unhappy

Ever since I can remember my mum has never told me that  dadshe loves me.

Im not saying she dosent provide or me but she is always mean.

She never supports anything I do and is forever calling me names. Like Animal, Dumb. Stupid etcc.. she even hits me sometimes and I want to know why she does this. when i see my other frineds with their mums and dads they are sooo nice to them and they dont even suffer the same problems as i do. I dont even have a dad. My big brother also inds my mother a dificult person to deal with. Because of this I don not live with my mother, I am 16 and live with my sister. My sister is rom my dad's side and she can sometimes be difficuylt to live with. I feel like I dont belong anywhere and it makes me depressed. Life never seems to take to my side.

Me and my mum has never been close. So maybe she grew up rogh and hasnt told me. I know shes struggled and worked hard for me and my brother and I appriciate that. I try my hardest to show her this. But because no one in my family has ever told me they love me. I find it hard tbe affectionate towards people. I just dont know what to do anymore. I want to go abroad orever and start a new lie. People down here always pull a fast one on me. Im soo sad :(

Desire11 Desire11
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2 Responses Jul 20, 2009

Thank you for the inspiering wordss :)

life can be really cruel...<br />
im sure u still love your mom..i mean she is your mother,.,.<br />
u maybe just dont like the things she does to upset you<br />
'..<br />
im really sorry to here this..i wish i could help u..<br />
i think starting a new life sounds kool..and exciteing..<br />
im sure ul have a new and fresh should make that ur new goal...aim to work and then get the money and start a new life...<br />
become independant and you'l find the right one and have a beautiful family...<br />
even though i dont know you...<br />
lol<br />
i know this might be weird...but its just a joke...<br />
:)<br />
i wuv u!mwuah!:* take care<br />
best wishes for the future...:)<br />