I Really Enjoy Ep Too.

I enjoy so many things here at EP:
  • the ability to meet wonderful, thoughtful and creative people, read their stories and learn and care about them
  • get updates on current events, thoughts and concerns of the world
  • think about life in general and read many stories that break my heart, make me laugh or smile
  • being provoked to answer the question.
  • being challenged to write passionate, provoking or persuasive stories of my life

I really enjoy EP. EP is the most unique social site and except for the pervs and weirdos (yes, you KNOW who you are! ugh!) it proves to daily interest me and provide me a way to share my life experiences and wisdom with others who are on paths that I have traveled. 

I enjoy being here at EP with you!! (DecorationsOnHisArm...hugs)

fightn4me fightn4me
46-50, F
May 21, 2012