Erotic Massage Is Fun!

Because so may have been so kind, I'm going to sahe a bit more. This is my massage story and my husband only knows a little bit of it.

I am in my 40's, fit, tan and busty. I love the attention of men, young and old, but prefer to act like I don't see a thing.

There is a legitimate, therapeutic massage center near my home. I know plenty of ladies that get their knots worked on usually get a female massuese just in case their husband is jealous.

I, on the other hand, prefer male masseurs to works on my "kinks" and be naughty.

The last in a long series of therapists to work on me was named Tony. He's a younger man who came recommended from a like minded firend.

I had Tony believing I was your standard, uptight married woman on our first visit. I wanted to make sure that I made no scene.

Our second encounter was very different. When he came in the room, I was fully nude, relaxing on the table with one leg up on it and the other on the side. I was freshly shaven and loved how he locked onto that sight!

I tuned on my stomache and told him every muscle needed work because of my Zumba class. He did my shoulders, arms, feet, legs, etcetera, but stayed professional, until my glutes. He tried to be professional, but I arched my *** into the air and he knew what I needed. I needed his strong hands inside me.

He *********** me from this position until I came and let me down slowly. I had no condom, so there was no way I was going to screw him, but his hard on had been pressing against my arm so long that I needed to see it.

I massaged his **** through his trousers until he was on the brink and asked if he would pull it out. It was beautiful! I sucked on him for just a minute before he came and boy, did he. I love playing with come and there was plenty. We cleaned up and I left... with several ladies in the lobby giving me the eye.

Needless to say, I'm a regular.

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Thanks for sharing your story. At 58 I just had my first sensual-happy ending massage at the hands of another man. And my husband got to watch! I got so turned on that I didn't have the least bit of hesitation in letting him do what he wanted todo. Because it was our first time together he used just his hands and my favorite toy to make me ***. I'm actually very proud of myself (as is my husband!) for trying this. It was so nice. I can't wait for my second one with partner number 2.

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Great story, another woman who goes out and gets what she wants, my favorite

Oh, I pay, but it's worthwhile.

I love a woman that take charge of their situation and make the best of it. I wonder who paid for whom, or was the message an even exchange of satification guarantees.<br />
Please add me to your list of EP friends. Now that I know what you look like, oh yes!