I love to be ****** in the ***. Something about feeling my external & internal sphincters stretch to let a **** in.... Makes me go crazy. I know a lot of girls dont like anal even though they've never tried it before. I try to tell them to give it a shot, especially my best friend cuz Im sure she'll like it. But she's afraid because her man has a piercing..... Achieving ****** through anal sex is ******* outstanding. They dont know what they're missing.
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You rock and for me as a man the best part of giving a woman anal is the mind blowing ******* I can give them.
Nothing like ******* a woman's *** while fingering her **** until she screens and **** alover your **** and balls, her eyes rolls back, and you just keep on ******* that ***.... And she was scared..

Honestly, I'm still a virgin but I've always wanted to try anal with a girl just to see how it feels

Thank you

That would feel so good to feel your *** wrapped around my ****, squeezing it as it throbs with your ******...!

I agree. The first time I was with a woman who could come form anal sex it blew my mind. Feeling her come that way made my ****** much, much stronger.

thats sexy !!!

And from a man's point of view - ******* a woman who loves it in the *** is a special thing indeed. Even if the *** is not involved!) Thank you!

The very first time I was invited to do a girl anally,it was like an amazing gift,a gift wrapped in hot flesh! Her soft graonings as I placed the tip of my **** into that secret orifice was incredible,then she opened herself up and swallowed the tip and slowly engulfed my entire ****! Immediately I came and as I did she came too and squirted all over my tummy......I was in pure heaven! was she!
When a girl offers to have anal sex it's like a huge door opening out onto a brightly coloured meadow in summertime!