Close Call

It was late in the afternoon and I was just about to get off of work. I was working with as a canvasser and that's a person who stands in front of stores and ask for donations. At the end of my shift I was my bladder was really full because I had been standing their for almost 5 hours with no access to a bathroom. I have a small bladder so I was pretty much on edge at that point, especially since I drunk a whole bottle of water earlier. It was an emergency, but the store i was in front of wouldn't let me use the bathroom. eventually the supervisor came to pick me along with the rest of the workers. I didn't say anything about my urge to pee because I didn't want everyone knowing my problem. When we got back to the office I dropped off my paper work and clocked out. I ran to the bathroom but when I got their it was locked. I went back to the office to ask the supervisor if she had the bathroom key and she said that the building management locks bathrooms after 8 so their long gone but now, so your gonna have to find some ware else to go. My bladder was so full it was pretty hard to walk. My aunt was picking me up since my car was in the shop. When I got in her car I told her that I had to pee really bad. She asked me can I wait until I get home and that's a 30 minute trip. I told her that I don't know if I can make it to my house. She said let me know if you dont think you can hold it anymore I will stop, but if you soak my seat then your going to clean it. She is knows that I have a small bladder and she know that I cant hold it long when im desperate. About 10 minutes into the drive i told her that I don't think I can wait until we get to my house and I asked her to stop. She said she will stop as soon as she sees a gas station. Shes driving and all of a sudden my bladder starts to leak. I was waring light blue jeans and the stain was really obvious. My aunt saw the wet patch and said jokingly you need to learn better bladder control. I said it's just my bladders to small i cant help it sometimes. I kept leaking and the wet patch kept getting bigger and bigger. My aunt asked me if I really wanted to be seen with a big patch like that in front of your pants? you should just try to hold it until you get home. I told her your right I dont wanna embarrass myself again so I just decided to wait till I get home since theirs no one their. When I arrived home I told my aunti good bye and slowly exited the car so I wouldn't squirt. I walked into my house and headed for the bathroom. When I was walking by the kitchen I could feel my bladder getting ready to release itself so I closed off my **** before the pee could get out. The pressure of the pee in my penis hurt so bad, I was determined not to wet myself so I walk to the bathroom as fast as I could. When I made it i let it all go it felt really good
theblackman22 theblackman22
Aug 3, 2010