High Tide

One summer, when my family and I were vacationing, we went to this little theme park. It was really hot, and I was really thirsty, so I bought one of those really large cokes, the ones that are about 40 oz., and drank most of it. I did not think much about it then, as it was so hot and I hadn't had much else to drink all day. But, when we had been standing in line for this River Rapids ride thing for about 30 min, I realized my urge to pee. I couldn't get out of line then because we had already waited so long, and I knew that no one would want to go with me, and I didnt want to go by myself.

I finally decided that I would just wait until after we got off the ride. We wound up standing in line for another half-hour. I really had to go then. We finally climbed into our little boat-thing on the ride and started moving, I wanted to cry. We were surrounded by swirling water, and our little boat kept going up and down in the water and spinning around. Everytime we hit rapids, I would leak a little drop. After about two min., when we got off the ride, my mom showed me where the bathroom was.

I made it to the bathroom, but there was a long line and while I was waiting, pee was dripping faster and faster. Someone opened the door and hit me in the back and I fell onto the floor. When I hit the floor, I just started peeing all over myself and I couldn't stop. The woman that had hit me with the door apologized and tried to help me up. When I stood up, everyone could see the pee running out of my shorts. When I finally got the courage to leave the bathroom, I didn't tell anyone what had happened.

We rode some more water rides, so maybe all that water washed off that urine smell. As far as I know, no one noticed what happened.
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hehe lucky you ;)

i think wetting pants is hot

Don't you just love water rides? You can pee your pants on them and noone would know what you did.the seats r always wet. WET WITH PEE OR WET WITH THE WATER HHMMMMMMMMMMM.WHO KNOWS? thanks for that sexy story

That does sound like you had a traumatic time. <br />
<br />
Maybe you should have done what I did in Animal Kingdom in Florida. I went on their raft rapids ride and the queue was really long so I was bursting when I got there. I waited until the first wave went ove us and then I just peed my shorts on the ride. There were several others on the raft bu nobody noticed. I was wet when I go off but I would have been wet from the water anyway. It was also a great feeling to get away with peeing in front of people and the pee warmed me up after the initial cold water splash.

IThemeparks are a great place to **** yourself. You can say that it was from a water ride. So tell us please if you enjoyed ******* yourself and if you have done it on other occasions as well.

Wow ... what a terrible experience. With an almos tragic twist. I bet it's stuck with the woman knocked you down too.