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Couldnt Hold It Any Longer!!

I was in 8th grade. My teachers were very strict. In my school you could only could go the bathroom in between periods. One day, that became a big problem.
I woke up late that morning and didnt get to eat breakfast. Or use the bathroom. I drank SunnyD on the bus and had to pee. During home room I had to finish homework so I couldn't go the bathroom then. I lightly pressed my legs together. I was stuck there in between periods talking to my teacher

Teacher- Why didn't you do your homework

Me-(*having to pee badly*) I, dont, know

Teacher- Be honest or you have detention

Me- I honestly don't know

Teacher- Detention. Come to my classroom at your study hall and after school.

Study hall is the only period when I could go the bathroom. For the rest of the break I had to help my home room teacher.Next period was even worse. We were doing liquids in science.
My science class was awful. My science teacher had a whole contraption on his desk with running water sounding so loud. It did not help at all. It made it worse! I crossed my legs tightly trying not to think about that awful noise. At the end of the period I asked my teacher if I could use the bathroom. He said yes but could not find the hall pass. He had to call a teacher from the 4th floor down to get him a new pass. Then when the teacher got him one they spend 2 minutes talking. That was the end of my break. I didn't get to go!!!
Next was math. I asked at the beginning of the lesson if I could go. We had a test so it was a no. I REALLY had to pee. I had to press my legs tightly together. It was unbearable!!! After the test I asked and she said yes. I ran down the hall and got caught by my home room teacher.

Teacher- STOP! Why are you running

Me- The bathro....

Teacher- There is no reason you should be running in the halls.

Me- But I really...

Teacher- No buts. Come with me now!!!

Me- I have to....

Teacher- No talking. Save it for the principal.

Me- What? Please let me....

Teacher- You just earned yourself lunch duty ( I had to help her at lunch)

I was in for it. I was gonna pee my pants in front of the principal. Our conversation was HARSH!

Principal- Why would you do that

Me- I just really had....

Teacher- You ran, that's what you did.

Principal- Explain.

Me- First, can I.....

Teacher- talk first!!

Me- I just really have to go pee.

Principal- no need to run tho. Go the bathroom now.

I rushed down the hall and got pulled in by my math teacher. She wanted her hall pass back. The bell rang. It was next period and I didn't get to go the bathroom!!! Ugh!
I will skip to the end of the day. (During the rest of the day I wasn't able to pee. This is after detention.)
I was on the bus. I was about to pee my pants. I had 15 minutes left til I was home. And I could pee. I put my backpack over my hands holding my crotch. I was squirming so much. I started to cry. I was home in minutes and ran off the bus!
I ran to my door. Locked! I tried my key but my door is old and the key got stuck! I was locked out. I couldn't get it opened. My need to pee went up by a million!!! I couldn't get it open. It was 25 minutes later til I squeezed it out and got inside. I was ABSOLUTELY DESPERATE! I got to the bathroom. It took me forever to lock the door.
I was jumping up and down. In the bathroom. Trying to get my jean zipper down! I was pulling and pulling and it broke! I was in trouble. I pressed my crotch and hoped I wouldn't pee then. I tried to get my jeans down but the waist was to tight to pull without the zipper down.
I couldn't take it anymore. I was crying and in so much pain. I tried tried tried to get the zipper down and I peed. Through my jeans. It felt AMAZING! My legs were soaked. My parents still don't know what happened that day.
Zigzagzigzag1243 Zigzagzigzag1243 36-40 2 Responses May 13, 2013

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that really pissed me off about your math teacher asking for her hall pass back it's like "what the hell"
your teachers really are strict so glad i dont go to that school
they shouldn't be making you wait to pee; what happened to "if you gotta go you gotta go"?

Was your bladder bulging out from holding so Long? It must have been rock hard?