A Very Long

 wAITYetserday I decided to hold my pee for as long as I could. I could only pee if it was in my pants. So I woke up and put on a lot of clothes. I put on a pair of panties, a leotard, more panties, tights and my white sweatpants. The kind where they are kind of tight with a flare at the bottom. I went down stairs and ate a bagel with some orange juice. I pack a lot of water to fill up on. I rushed to bus and made it just in time. The bus was quiet since I was the first stop. I drank a bottle of water while waiting for more people. A few stops later, Jen came on. I didn't tell her about my promise to myself, so we talked about other things. We arrived at school and I drank 2 more bottles. The day was going quick. At lunch I had cold pizza and three bottles of water. Jen had a sandwich with some snapple. We finished everything. The rest of school was easy and went fast. We got on the bus and I had another bottel of water. I got home and walked to the door. To my horror, the door was locked. I was figiting and repremending myself for not having the key. I waited an hour for my mom to come and open the door. I so far drank 8 bottles of water( including the orange juice). I went inside and watch tv, drinking another bottle. while is was watching tv, My mom made my favorite chocolate cookies. I came over and had a few with a glass of milk. My mom, being annoying as ever, sent me to get diner. I walked, since it's right next door, and got spagetti and sauce. During my time in the store, I got two samples of apple juice and soda equaling the amount of a glass of water. I was dancing around by now with 11 drinks in my body. I went home and my mom cooked up diner. With the noodles, I had a glass of soda and water.the tricky part came. I went upstairs to take a shower. I took off my multiple layers and jumped into the shower. the whole time I was dancing and cleaning myself at the same time. I got out and put all my layers of clothes on with my pjs. In went back downstairs to have desert. It was a slurpie. I finished it all adding up to about 2 glasses of water. I went upstairs and brushed my teeth. I drank 3 glasses of water just for the fun of it. I had 18 glasses total of any kind of drink and went to bed. I woke up and felt around. Bed: dry. Clothes: dry. I still was holding it in! My mom went to work and I was alone. I drank 2 more waters and the pAin was unbelievable. I felt like I was going to explode. That's when the door bell rang. It was Jen saying she wanted to hang out. I invited her in and we had lunch( sandwichs) with two glasses of soda. I was some how able to hid my desperation. She left at one. I was busting. It looked like I was pregnant due to how much water I had in me. I drank 20 glasses of drinks And held it for more than 24 hours! I was sitting at the table and couldn't move. I was dancing, squirming, holding, you name it! I was super desperate. All It took was a slight movement. I got up and the pee started to dribble out. So I ran to the bathroom. My plan worked. I was taking off all the layers but not quick enough. I was fully being my multiple clothes. So I gave up and sat on the tolit with my clothes still on. I cleaned up the pee on the floor but kept my dirty clothes on. After you hold for a long time, you have to pee afterwards too so anytime I had to pee I sat on the tolit and pee with my clothes on. It was a day.

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4 Responses Feb 13, 2010

don't know how you did that

wow you drank so much and held it in so long great story

nice story i wish i could have been there to stand in front of that bathroom door as you were trying to get in . that would have helped you have a super big accident .

Nice story. I wish I could have watched you hold it for 24 hours.