I Really Hate Being Alone, But I Am Not Hard Up To Be With Just Anyone.

I am kind of pissed off right now. I maybe lonely, but I am NOT hard up to getting just anyone in my life.

It seem's that when you're lonely you should be so horny, and just want to do every man that has a hard-on for me. But I am sorry, Your **** doesn't make me want to jump on it and give it a ride.

I may be lonely, because I wasn't doing anything. When you're busy, you don't think about being lonely until you come home, or you go to make dinner, or even when you go to bed, and just wish you had someone (like a boyfriend or husband) to be there to talk about my day and to hear about theirs, to share a meal together, and someone to cuddle up with at night and fall asleep.

Just because I am alone...doesn't mean I want YOU sexually. Just be my friend, lets talk about anything, not always about SEX. OK?
blue62dragon blue62dragon
51-55, F
Dec 11, 2012