I work my culo off driving around this country, I do all the paperwork, drive close to 650 miles a day, do all the trip planning and get less sleep than my teammate and still I keep my mouth shut and don't complain. And im also the one with the disabilities......yet that puto can't even drove because of a little damp road.

I haven't been so close to tears while being so angry in years. Please God don't let me lose my temper. I don't wanna go to jail.
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You beed a new partner. Im looking for a cool partner myself. I dont do company teams. Those are garbage. If its his rig suck it up

good for you


Spank you

Not at the moment...too busy for that...try another moment and we'll see *wink*

Well if you need somewhere to sit, I have 2 places in mind

Hmm...very tempted...

You might 1 place very uplifting, the other very tasteful.

*giggles*...both seem to be quite. ..pleasurable... although at this point...I feel more like I need to be uplifted. ..very high...

will 8.5 to 9 work?

Very well! The only little problem is that although I like to your thoughts...I was wondering if I could also have some tastefull experience?

absolutely. as long as you wear heels and thigh highs. lol

Got that close buy...

I'm a trucker. I go everywhere.

E verywhere? *giggles* although I know a lot of trucks pass buy here...I would be very suprised if you were ever one of them...

Where are you at


Not yet.

I do have my passport and vacation time coming

Wish it was possible

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