Not Able To Wear Revealing Clothes?

Ok this is what confuses me the most during the summer: my mother would buy me revealing clothes: tube tops, short shorts,tank tops, one shoulder tops mini skirts (my self cut midriff tops) but the thing is... She doesn't allow me to wear them alot! Places like the mall or out for a buffe to eat! It gets me really pissed! Like once when we were in the jersey shore I put on the shorts. My entire family complained that it was so cold in the jersey shore in the summertime so she forced me to wear bell bottom jeans and a sweatshirt to cover my tube top! When we got out it was as hot as Africa (I'm African too) (except Africa was hotter!!! As I walked around sweating my brain others around me were dressed in short shorts tubes tanks ect!! I don't see the problem in wearing revealing clothing I mean I'm tecneckly a full teenager!! It's just sad that I can't express it physically!!!! I know when to wear it at the right times!! It's not like I'm gonna wear it in my home country,church or school!! Maybe put to a pool party or a shopping trip! Do u have the same issue as me?
Pie11644 Pie11644
18-21, F
Sep 6, 2012