I Hate Crying In Front Of Others

I never liked crying in front of other people. Not even my best friend in the world. I'm pretty sure the last time I cried in front of others was when I was in the 7th grade, and my teacher made me look like an idiot in front of the cool kids, my friends and the guy I used to like. He yelled at me, patronized me, and said "I couldn't sit down without him standing right there" (I had gotten in trouble for standing up at the wrong time) and then stared me down for about 3 minutes. I tried to explain myself, and I was so embarressed and fumbling with my words. I broke down and told him to leave me alone. Everyone in the classroom was quiet when I started to cry. He said, "Now you have all the attention in the world."
I used to respect that teacher, and I used to think he was pretty darn cool. But now I despise him. Not just for making me cry in front of EVERYBODY, but because he didn't leave me alone after I started crying. He told me to sit down when everyone else was dissmissed, and he yelled at me while I was leaving the school. I didn't go to school the next day, and I felt so weak hoplessly trying to explain to my parents that it wasn't my fault.
God, I just hate people sometimes.
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OMG THE SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME!! my class was working on a play and the drama teacher had to leave for a few minutes so another teacher took over. my drama teacher came back a few minutes later and yelled at me in front of everyone. She kept telling me i was doing it all wrong even though i was doing what the other teacher told me to do!! once i started crying everyone got quiet and my bitchy teacher said i was wasting her time!! i hate her so much and she had absolutely no reason to yell at me, i had always been a good and respectful student. that same year that ***** was fired!! :) i was so happy when i found out she had been fired!!<br />
im sorry this didnt really help but honestly everyone cries so people will probably understand or just forget <br />
good luck!!

I never understood why people become teachers if their just going to yell at their students. I'm sorry that happended to you, and I'm glad she was fired. Got what she deserved.
Everybody DID forget about it, they even said next time the teacher pulls some **** like that their going to say something to him. :)