I really hate lying and betrayal.

Why do people do it?


Been there, done that, in no hurry to repeat it.

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and love you because you are just..you : )

I quess it's why animals make better people. They are easier to understand, no hidden agenda, less complex etc.<br />

How true

you take your time, you need to be happy so don't feel pressured !

It would seem that one doesn't change much on the inside, I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. ;)

HeeHee, Just because people get older on the outside doesn't mean the inside wrinkles and crinkles. : )

I'm pushing 80 and I still am surprised at some of my thoughts, words and actions..."Who is this crazy person.?"

So true, it's hard enough to figure yourself out let alone someone else.

People are so complicated...to understand just one human being--would take a lifetime.