We Must Teach Males To Respect Women.

As a girl I was being degraded and humiliated many times.

That will not be repeated.

I  teach males to respect women.

I am successful by tease them with my charms and impart them a series of face slaps or a serious caning, if they are not able to behave in a propper way.

This is the way to be understood by males.
snippylady snippylady
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don't get me wrong.
any male that degrades a female needs his *** handed to him

but any female that goes flaunting what her momma gave her and gets called for it, then hits the guy for doing it. is in the wrong.

i agree :)

i need a woman to spank me when ever she thinks im out of places im 22

You are doing THE right thing!

Miss, You are absolutely right!<br />
men must respect and obey Women, always!

The women thinking similarly to you are in a minority unfortunately. The women's big part wants to look up to her boy friend. They like the strong efficient men and don’t like the weak “sub males”. The men like this conceal their real desires (f/m spanking) and the paid “mistress” satisfies it secretly.

Respect and obedience to the females are the two most important things that males must, first accept as fact and secondly practice it until it becomes a natural response. <br />
<br />
A very close third would be learning and totally complying to the females rules without expecting any such restrictions on her part. She makes the rules but actually has none to follow herself unless that might be something she determines as necessary which is usually not the case because she knows how to act along with knowing what should and shouldn't be done. Much unlike the male who has problems in those areas.

I agree with everything you're saying my fiance is a southern boy who respects me and makes me feel like i'm the only women on this planet he still says yes ma'am he makes me feel like i'm a queen I hate men who believe a women's place is in the kitchen having lot's of babies and staying home with all of them.

Well said! <br />
<br />
I'm not males-haters. I like men even, but I tolerate no abuse and degradation of women, no male arrogance and no disrespect by men. I like them to be obedient and respectful and I like it when a strong man gets gentle and devotedly and if he worships me.

My wife Lisa has never tolerated any disrespect from me and that is why I love and respect her so much. I have been over her knee enough to learn my lesson but I guess I am harder to teach. It should not take a pants-down discussion to make men see that abuse and degradation of women is wrong. That includes all forms of male arrogance and egotistical displays. If necessary, that sort of behavior should only get a guy a date with a lady's hairbrush.

This is why we need to take a trip back to the 1940's era when taking your hat off for a lady was done naturally.

Good boy...<br />
<br />
Get on your knees now!