Grrrrrr...... Omg

I can NOT stand him ..... how in the HELL did I marry him???? 


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I could not agree more ... *good air in... bad air out ....*<br />
I'm trying this relaxation - trans meditation stuff - still nothing ... :)

I think what happens is that we 'evolve'. If our partner 'evolves' differently, there becomes a HUGE seperation of minds.<br />
<br />
We don't all think the same things the same way.

Missliss - that is the best quote I have heard so far - I'm gonna use that on again!

Ah thank you grits :) I seriously do think aliens took me over ... :)

it wasn't you at the time. like many of us we are over taken by aliens and do not know what we are doing. Only after the aliens have set us free do we see the stupid things they choose to do. It sucks but what are you going to do? lol<br />
<br />
you aren't alone with wondering "what was I thinking"

You are all right. ALL right. I did break my vows - and yeah, it was the hardest decision in my life. You can judge - it's OK, water off a ducks back. I'm ok with it. <br />
<br />
Thanks Henry - I do too. <br />
Thanks CPA - as always - you are truly a great guy :) <br />
Danetty - Love that term :)

that's a hell of a story mizz blue.... way to elaborate. I guess that whole part of "for better or worse, till death due us apart ",didn't really apply to you". don't get me wrong, sometimes you just gotta break it off, but I'm sure there were some signs you missed or ignored there.........i'll be the first to admit that.

we all make stupid mistakes. and hey, they are an EX for a reason. i hate my dumass mudafokin ex too.