Compared to some I know my life is OK I really do know it could be worst. Just I am so unhappy really I am. Part of it is depression part of it is I am really unhappy in my marriage. Nothing I do works I have tried everything to fix it. Now just feel used up. I work 40+ hours as a security guard at a college campus. surprisingly its really hard job never though it would be but it is so stressful. Then I come home to man just lost his job which i get. come on can you clean or at least take out the trash. Can you offer to cook dinner. Maybe understand that we don't have money for you to spend like crazy. I mean really. On top of it I get blamed for everything wrong like its all my fault. While his looking for a job says I should be looking for a better job so it could support both of us. ugh. you need to grow up get the better job stop playing video games all day. They is bunch of other reasons why I am unhappy but that will do for now.
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The only person to have you be happy is you. The outside the outside...that will test how you are with you.
Did you inherit good life coping skills, this will help...or you have to bring them forth in you.
We all have it rough in some way, that is how we get to know our strength and week side.
The only one who can work on is you........
Then make sure you are giving your body good nutrition, that is veggies .... not junk/processed food.
Then you body will help you cope better, when you can, catch your mind when its sits in mind worry. Say to you, "their I go again, thinking about the worry stuff" your mind will run wild if you don't stop it mulling over stuff.
As each moment, what is in front of you, is all that is their, what is in front you. Your mind will bring in past stuff and keep you occupied with worry.
This old quote:

No one is free who has not obtained the empire of himself. No man is free who cannot command himself.”
― Pythagoras