My life sucks because of the people in it, my mom and me move every year, because she finds a new man to be with that ends up an *******, but I finally got a girlfriend in high school,and of course i moved and now I'll probably never see her again because she's a genius, and I'm just some unwanted weak teenager that can't ever change the cycle, I'm considering suicide, should i?
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4 Responses Feb 19, 2015

Absolutely no suicide.............Your profile says you are at least 18, are you anywhere close to being able to live on your own? Or with a roommate?

Hang in gets better

I'm trying, but life has just been so bad it seems it will never end up good

No never suicide. It's never the answer. Try talking to ur mother. I can guarantee you are not just some unwanted weak teenager

no. start your life. fix everything later on like the relationship with your mom if you want. maybe shell find a nice guy sometime?