My Life.

I know my life to some may not seem bad but it is.. Im not here to be like oh look at me my life sucks.. I just wanna be able to talk about stuff to somebody.

So my day starts out by me getting cussed out to wake up and sometimes dragged down the hallway for no reason but because my sisters dad hates me. All morning long all i hear is that there is something seriously wrong with me that nobody wants me, that im so retarded. i dont know i think its true because i dont do anything right in my sisters dads eyes.. sorry to get off topic but i dont have a dad my mom doesnt know who he is so my sisters dads view on me really means alot to me because he has been the only guy that i have gotten close to over the years... But anyways i go through school and my girlfriend I really think she is embarresed of me i mean who wouldnt im this 6'5 165lb guy.. im skinny with no muscle what so ever im not good at anything who would want that.? so try to talk to her and everything and she walks off and goes and flirts or talk to somebody else and then come back like nothing happened.. Im not happy with my relationship at all i think it could be waaaayyyy better then what it is.. Then i get home and i have 30 minutes to clean up before my sister comes home and tells her dad that im stupid and dont do **** around the house.. Im being serious my sister and her dad day in and day out call me stupid retarded a **** up and this other ****.. Her dad hits me sometimes but im pretty much used to all this that goes on. Im sorry if this made no sence to you im just really depressed and this really helped me today.

Llama69 Llama69
18-21, M
Mar 9, 2010