Nothing Too Dramatic Mind You...

Car accident, or maybe she goes in her sleep. I just want the world to be shat of her infection of misery.

Hell, I don't even want any insurance money, or maybe just enough to cover a really super cheap funeral.

I continue to fight so she will not infect my son with her malice for those of us who live.

thanekarza thanekarza
36-40, M
3 Responses Aug 4, 2010

Man... Assuming this is true. She must either be a really bad person or you at least think she is. Rough. Maybe she could just go to a jail after losing her voice? Oh it amnesia! No?... Well hope stuff gets better

I have a wife just like yours, every day I pray a bus or a car would run her over... or that she would just slip in the shower and die... maybe an over dose on her meds... I hate the way she treats me and the way she acts... she has been diagnosed as a narcissistic psychotic person so yeah I married a self centered psycho *****...

and worst of all she blames everything bad in her life on me!!! the sex is **** on top of all that (when it happens, mostly it doesn't)... why I married her? the sex was AWESOME with plenty of daily head, and she used to be no where near the mental case she is, and I truly loved her, but the second that ring went on she turned into satan's spawn i should throw her and that stupid ring into a fire pit in some mountain and rid the world off her evil. she doesn't cook, clean, or have a job... she just nags, throws insults, screams and violently breaks things and ruin any day i dare even think of feeling happy in.

if there is a God he would either fix her or put an end to her miserable existence, I would divorce the *****, but for some odd reason i get very scared and anxious any time i get close to doing it...and even if i did i would be too in debt if i divorce her... I just hope God or a generous hitman can help me lol..that or i am going to find a mistress on the side and start going on "very long business trips"

yeah, right on ... i guess as they get older their hearts turn into stone. This is why I hope to find a younger lady one day... so I can die before she turns into evil incarnate.