Sleep Forever

Oh how I wish I could sleep forever right now. When i awake each morning I dread the thoughts of having to face another day. I cannot seem to get out of the depressed state i am in at the moment. My life sucks. Every morning my dear friend Bear comes over to my place and we go out for a walk which helps but then Bear goes home and I am alone again.I am numb feel nothing but emptiness. One day I hope that I will be happy to wake up and embrace life. I remember the days when I was full of joy and laughter. I have bipolar disorder the meds work for a time then I have to have them adjusted in the meantime my life sucks. At the present time once again I am going through a med change it's been 2 months now and am still waiting for that feel good feeling. Bipolar has ruined my life don't get me wrong I fight it every day and there are times when my life has been great so this is what I must do concentrate just remember the good times that I have had in the past and know that I will make it back to that HAPPY PLACE again. The sooner the better
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Thanks Cupcakey for your reply yes things can only get better<br />
Hugs to you