Every time I find a doctor that listens to me somethign happens where I can't stay with them. I recently lost a good doctor who left the clinic I've been going to so I make an appointment with his replacement. I made an appointment becauser I felt my depression was bad enough that I needed to go in to have my meds adjusted. (It always scares me when I have suicidal thoughts.) He refused to listen to me sayign i need a 2nd opinion for my diagnosis. I've been diganosed by a doctor as having bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder, chronic anxiety, ptsd, as well as other things and have been on meds and in counselign for quite some time now. How can a doctor refuse treatment to someone sayign they are havign suiciadal thoguths? How can he question the bipolar diagnosis when I walked into his office excited and left crying? He is so screwed up!
kzoodiana kzoodiana
36-40, F
May 7, 2012