Hate List

1. the word tootles it sounds so stupid just say bye damn it

2. golf cause i don't understand the game

3. losing can't stand it

4. pop quiz's they should be illegal

5. the color teal wtf did green and blue have a baby?

6. dumb people they annoy me

7.pervs cause u cant get laid

8. being ignored i don't want all the attention but when i know u know i sent u something and u just ignore me ugh u fall under dumb people

9. being bored

10. lil wayne

11. racist people we are all equal

12. the phrase don't mean to **** u off when u know damn well ur gonna **** me off

13. the state of the union. hello does it sound like america is united?

14. people who make up bullshit reasons why something has to be done

15. cheesy pick up line, like did u fall from heaven blah blah blah blah.

16. guys who think having sex with a girl will make them like u

17. people who say one thing and turn around say something different

18. people who think u have to go to la or ny to be famous u don't

19. people who give up on their dreams

20. being touched

21. being stared at

22. people who send other people to ask for my number

23. people who add me and dont talk to me

24. the saying everythings gonna be alright no the **** it isn't

25. being accused of it

26. rain bows they just look stupid and theres no gold there either

27. barney there is no reason a big purple dinosaur should be that happy

28. big bird no bird is that damn big

29. "do u believe in magic"? no i don't

30. tic tak toe

31. my laptop it sucks ***

32. my cell phone i wanna throw it at some random bike rider and hit them in the head

33. being the "nice" girl

34. being the "it" girl

35. lies

36.cds that scratch

37. random a holes that what in my pants

38. getting hit with a pm as soon as i log in damn let wake up and mess around a bit before u pm me

39. the phrase "hey baby" first of all im not ur baby

40. sitting in class

41. getting suspended, yes that happend to me

42. being pushed around

43. being the baby girl of the family

44. being called stupid, when i make better grades than u *coughs* chelsea

45. the word hello it has hell in it people

46. gang hand shakes, a simple hand shake well do, theres no reason it should take a hr just to shake someones hand

47. glass's

48. being short cause i cant reach my shoes in the morning

49. my bed, hello im 4"5' and my beds 8 times my size

50. awkward sleeping positions, i sleep all over the bed

51. cheating

52. pens they break on me

53. one uppers, u know what im talking about, u tell a story and someone has one just like it but better

54. maken a list

55. checking it twice

56. gonna find out whos naughty or nice

57. that songs makes me wanna puke, how stupid do u have to be to have to check something twice get better glass's santa or contacts ****

58. stepping in ****

59. no car

60. :( this stupid face annoys me

61. santa clause he isn't real

62. feeling "blue" u cant feel a color

63. broken hearts

64. broken dreams

65. broken glass that **** hurts like a mother fukker when u step on it

66. "if its not broken don't fix it" durrrr why would u??????

67. dorks

68. snorks

69. pork


71. being lost

72. being here not here on ep but here in my house

73. vipers only cause i cant afford them

74. spiders *shivers* the thought of some 8 legged 8 eyed thing creeping down from the ceiling

75. fish hate the smell

76. stepping in ****, turn the damn light on

77. dish's hate doing them

78. wasting my time

79. wasting things

80. snuff dip chew smokless tobaco what ever u wanna call it

81. spit bottles nasty ****

82. spit bottles being left in my room

83. words that have 50 million different uses

84. window shopping

85. 70 dollar pants

86. being considerd rich im not rich i just live in a decent house

87. baby sitting while u go off and do ur "thing" its ur kid u had the damn thing take responsibility for it

88. i love u

89. havin to explain my self over and over and over and over

90. lip gloss

91. cruelty

92. " its not fair" yea it isn't fair

93. computer geeks

94. test

95. teachers

96. school

97. detention

98. tardy's just say im late to class

99. fill in the ____

100. life
sammiesweetheart sammiesweetheart
18-21, F
Nov 30, 2012