Some Of The Dreams I Have :) would be simply impossible to list every dream i have, But I thought I'd list some dreams I have had. (btw, no matter WHAT my dreams will NEVER MAKE SENSE. they are always weird. just like me.) AnywhooOO, here we go.

Well, one dream I have been thinking about is one about me and my two brothers. I have an older brother and a younger brother, no sisters. I dreamed my brothers and I were in Paris, and everything was brightly colored in huge swirly colorful pastel-colors. No one was there but us three. So basically the dream was about us trying to find someone to talk to and finally realized we had eachother to talk to, but as soon as I realized that both of them disappeared. So I went out and stared up at the Ifle Tower hoping one of them would just drop out of the sky or something. Then I woke up.

Another one that disturbed me was about me and my younger brother, Teddy. We were on some sort of spy mission and had to get some kind of treasure and bring it back to the government. (>__<) We came up to a huge mansion, the sky was black with thick clouds and lightning striked everywhere near the building. We explored it a little, and came to a library. Teddy seemed extremely depressed the whole time, his eyes seemed dead and sad as we walked through the big room. Everything was colored grey, and dead people loomed around the bookshelves, talking quietly, but you only saw their mouths moving and didn't hear anything coming from them. Their skin and clothes, like the rest of the building, were grey and decayed. Strange creatures walked around slowly, and an older woman arranged books on one of the top shelves on top of a very tall stool. She glared down at us as I looked around the world of grey. grabbing Teddy's hand in case he was frightened. But when I looked down at him he only stared forward, his skin was warm but he looked just as dead as everything else. Two men whispered quietly at a table, and looked at us when they saw us coming. One of the men was short and stubby, a jacket covering him. He held the leash of a huge two-headed dog who sat obediently next to the table. It had a red spiked collar and growled at us as we passed it. By the men and the table we came to a huge canyon, black and deep as the ocean. An unstable-looking bridge led from us to a dark cave where we heard something snarling from inside. "We have to go over there for everyone," I said. But my mouth didn't move, I just heard my voice. Teddy nodded and got on the bridge first. Many of the planks on the bridge were either rotting or missing, and I worried grately if we could make it. I watched Teddy the whole time, my arm reached out in case I needed to grab him. We both were leaning against a rope-railing on the bridge, and suddenly the rope that Teddy hung onto shriveled and disappeared under his fingers, and the last I saw of his face was a look of terror. and all I could do was watch him with horror as his small body became smaller and smaller as he fell deeper and deeper. I felt a sadness that was so powerful I thought my heart would literally break into tiny pieces. I felt sick and dizzy as I began to sob. I kept screaming his name, hoping he would come back, when suddenly I woke up sitting on my bed screaming and crying his name over and over, and I just collapsed onto my pillow and sobbed the rest of the night. Do you think that meant something?
13-15, F
Jul 20, 2010