My Hot'n'horny Heart Throbbing Love For Ladies Sexy Feet !!!

I am a fully blown foot fetishist ! I totally adore & get extremely turned on by Woman's Feet ! They blow my mind especially nice little dainty ones that are really,really stinky ! I love to sniff',lick,kiss & caress woman's beautiful Feet & can't get enough of them ! They make my heart pump with excitement & My stomach feel all wierd & gooey ! My Girlfriend has beautiful little size 3's that I have made love to on 1000's of occassions ! I love having this fetish beacause of how amazing it makes me feel ! It's just heaven to be on the end of a pair beautiful ladies sexy feet giving them pure horny,horny love !!!

feetgalactica feetgalactica
31-35, M
Feb 21, 2010